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Space Exploration Mar 31, 2020

ESA to conduct BepiColombo flyby amid coronavirus crisis

Controllers at ESA's mission control center are preparing for a gravity-assist flyby of the European-Japanese Mercury explorer BepiColombo. The maneuver, which will see the mission adjust its trajectory by harnessing Earth's ...

Ecology Apr 01, 2020

Landmark study concludes marine life can be rebuilt by 2050

An international study recently published in the journal Nature, led by KAUST Professors Carlos Duarte and Susana AgustĂ­, lays out the essential roadmap of actions required for the planet's marine life to recover to full ...

Astronomy Mar 11, 2020

Researchers find new minor planets beyond Neptune

Using data from the Dark Energy Survey (DES), researchers have found more than 300 trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs), minor planets located in the far reaches of the solar system, including more than 100 new discoveries. Published ...

Space Exploration Mar 17, 2020

NASA selects proposals to study volatile stars, galaxies, cosmic collisions

NASA has selected proposals for four missions that would study cosmic explosions and the debris they leave behind, as well as monitor how nearby stellar flares may affect the atmospheres of orbiting planets.

Space Exploration Mar 27, 2020

New mission would provide a road map in the search for alien atmospheres

A new spacecraft proposed by scientists at CU Boulder could soon be NASA's nose in space, sniffing out the environments beyond Earth's solar system that might host planets with thick atmospheres.

Space Exploration Mar 19, 2020

NASA's Mars perseverance rover gets its sample handling system

With the launch period for NASA's Mars Perseverance rover opening in a little less than four months, the six-wheeler is reaching significant pre-launch milestones almost daily at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, ...

Environment Mar 26, 2020

New framework will help decide which trees are best in the fight against air pollution

A study from the University of Surrey has provided a comprehensive guide on which tree species are best for combatting air pollution that originates from our roads—along with suggestions for how to plant these green barriers ...

Plants & Animals Mar 17, 2020

Major advances in our understanding of New World Morning Glories

A major advance in revealing the unknown plant diversity on planet Earth is made with a new monograph, published in the open-access, peer-reviewed journal PhytoKeys. The global-wide study, conducted by researchers at the ...

Environment Mar 10, 2020

A rare natural phenomenon brings severe drought to Australia. Climate change is making it more common

Weather-wise, 2019 was a crazy way to end a decade. Fires spread through much of southeast Australia, fuelled by dry vegetation from the ongoing drought and fanned by hot, windy fire weather.

Astronomy Jan 14, 2020

'Cold Neptune' and two temperate super-Earths found orbiting nearby stars

A "cold Neptune" and two potentially habitable worlds are part of a cache of five newly discovered exoplanets and eight exoplanet candidates found orbiting nearby red dwarf stars, which are reported in The Astrophysical Journal ...

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