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Astronomy 12 hours ago

Cosmic ray counts hidden in spacecraft data highlight influence of solar cycle at Mars and Venus

Measurements by ESA's long-serving twin missions, Mars Express and Venus Express, have captured the dance between the intensity of high-energy cosmic rays and the influence of the sun's activity across our inner solar system.

Social Sciences Dec 02, 2022

Four-day week trial confirms working less increases wellbeing and productivity

A group of companies that have been trialing a four-day working week have recently reported increased revenue, with fewer employees taking time off or resigning. While it's easy to understand the effects of a shorter week ...

Planetary Sciences Dec 01, 2022

Mars megatsunami may have been caused by Chicxulub-like asteroid impact

A Martian megatsunami may have been caused by an asteroid collision similar to the Chicxulub impact—which contributed to the mass extinction of all non-avian dinosaurs on Earth 66 million years ago—in a shallow ocean ...

Astronomy Nov 26, 2022

How satellites, radar and drones are tracking meteorites and aiding Earth's asteroid defense

On July 31, 2013 a constellation of US defense satellites saw a streak of light over South Australia as a rock from outer space burned through Earth's atmosphere on its way to crash into the ground below.

Ecology Nov 24, 2022

Increased grazing pressure threatens the most arid rangelands

A new study published in Science reports results from the first-ever global field assessment of the ecological impacts of grazing in drylands. An international research team has found that grazing can have positive effects ...

Environment Nov 18, 2022

Opinion: Tackling the climate crisis beyond COP

The clock is ticking. The 27th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP27) is nearly halfway through. Beyond the nice words, some announcements designed to make headlines ...

Archaeology Nov 17, 2022

8 billion people: How different the world would look if Neanderthals had prevailed

In evolutionary terms, the human population has rocketed in seconds. The news that it has now reached 8 billion seems inexplicable when you think about our history.

Environment Nov 16, 2022

Global population hits 8 billion, but per-capita consumption is still the main problem

The world population has just hit a new record: 8 billion. As is often the case, there are heated debates about the planet's so-called "carrying capacity"—the total number of people who can live on Earth sustainably. Experts ...

Earth Sciences Nov 16, 2022

Arctic cyclones to intensify as climate warms, NASA study predicts

Hurricanes threaten North American coastlines every year, and they appear to be intensifying as climate changes. Similar storms can also hit colder regions to the far north, and new research suggests they will intensify, ...

Environment Nov 14, 2022

As the 8 billionth person is born, here's how Africa will shape the future of the planet's population

In mid-November 2022 the eight billionth person will be born, according to the United Nations. In its analysis of this milestone, the UN makes two key observations. The first is that the global population has been expanding ...

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