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Ecology 7 hours ago

Citizen scientists help assure quality of coastal biodiversity monitoring

In 2019, history student Rodrigo Gomes found out on social media about a call for volunteers to take part in a scientific project relating to the ocean and conducted by the Federal University of São Paulo's Institute of ...

Space Exploration 13 hours ago

Studying the edge of the sun's magnetic bubble

Our corner of the universe, the solar system, is nestled inside the Milky Way galaxy, home to more than 100 billion stars. The solar system is encased in a bubble called the heliosphere, which separates us from the vast galaxy ...

Environment Oct 19, 2021

NASA turns technology back toward Earth to focus on climate change

After decades of gazing into space, NASA is turning its technology back toward Earth to study the effects of drought, fire and climate change on the Blue Planet.

Planetary Sciences Oct 18, 2021

Hear sounds captured from Mars by NASA's Perseverance rover

Thanks to two microphones aboard NASA's Perseverance rover, the mission has recorded nearly five hours of Martian wind gusts, rover wheels crunching over gravel, and motors whirring as the spacecraft moves its arm. These ...

Space Exploration Oct 18, 2021

Titan's river maps may advise Dragonfly's sedimental journey

With future space exploration in mind, a Cornell-led team of astronomers has published the final maps of Titan's liquid methane rivers and tributaries—as seen by NASA's late Cassini mission—so that may help provide context ...

Space Exploration Oct 18, 2021

Death in space: Here's what would happen to our bodies

As space travel for recreational purposes is becoming a very real possibility, there could come a time when we are traveling to other planets for holidays, or perhaps even to live. Commercial space company Blue Origin has ...

Space Exploration Oct 16, 2021

China's 'space dream': A Long March to the Moon and beyond

The arrival of three astronauts at China's new space station on Saturday marks a landmark step in its space ambitions, its longest crewed mission to date.

Space Exploration Oct 16, 2021

NASA's asteroid hunter Lucy soars into sky with diamonds

A NASA spacecraft named Lucy rocketed into the sky with diamonds Saturday morning on a 12-year quest to explore eight asteroids.

Space Exploration Oct 16, 2021

New crew docks at China's first permanent space station

Chinese astronauts began Saturday their six-month mission on China's first permanent space station, after successfully docking aboard their spacecraft.

Space Exploration Oct 15, 2021

China launches 3 astronauts on 6-month space station mission

China on Saturday sent three astronauts to its space station for a record-setting six-month stay as the country moves toward completing the new orbiting outpost

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