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Social Sciences 8 hours ago

How people perceive multiracial faces isn't always so Black and White, study finds

Barack Obama. Meghan Markle. Trevor Noah. Depending on your race, you might consider these and other Multiracial people as Black, White, or somewhere in-between, according to new research by psychologists at Duke University ...

Social Sciences 10 hours ago

A rise in breastfeeding comes at expense of mothers' careers, new study finds

Breast is best, or so the campaign launched by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says.

Environment 15 hours ago

Indonesian city closes schools over peatland fire haze

An Indonesian city with a population of hundreds of thousands has shut schools for three days because of haze caused by large peatland fires, its mayor said Tuesday.

Cell & Microbiology Oct 2, 2023

How new plant cell walls change their mechanical properties after cell division

Scientists have revealed new plant cell walls can have significantly different mechanical properties compared to surrounding parental cell walls, enabling cells to change their local shape and influence the growth of plant ...

Evolution Oct 2, 2023

Genetics of attraction: Mate choice in fruit flies

Genetic quality or genetic compatibility? What do female fruit flies prioritize when mating? Researchers at the University of Zurich show that both factors are important at different stages of the reproductive process and ...

Education Oct 1, 2023

Faith primary schools admitting fewer children with special educational needs, study finds

Faith primary schools are admitting fewer children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) than local authority community primaries, according to new research from the London School of Economics and Political ...

Other Sep 30, 2023

Saturday Citations: Volcano vs. asteroid; NASA's supernova time lapse; immortal chemicals

This week, we're highlighting a study involving toxic chemical contaminants, and just for fun, a second study involving other toxic chemical contaminants. But NASA made a cool time-lapse video using the good old Hubble space ...

Archaeology Sep 30, 2023

Video provides first clear views of WWII aircraft carriers lost in the pivotal Battle of Midway

Footage from deep in the Pacific Ocean has given the first detailed look at three World War II aircraft carriers that sank in the pivotal Battle of Midway and could help solve mysteries about the days-long barrage that marked ...

Social Sciences Sep 29, 2023

Shaping positive STEM identity for student success

Data show that students who have a strong science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) identity are more likely to take STEM courses and persist to the academic finish line––graduation. Positive STEM identity ...

Environment Sep 29, 2023

New York flooded by heavy rains, subway partly paralyzed

Heavy rains overnight in the northeastern United States left parts of New York under water on Friday, partially paralyzing subways and airports in America's financial capital.

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