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Ecology Jan 13, 2021

Resilience to climate change? New study finds octopuses adapting to higher ocean acid levels

With the impact of climate change increasing by the day, scientists are studying the ways in which human behavior contributes to the damage. A recent study at Walla Walla University, by a collaboration of researchers from ...

Materials Science Jan 05, 2021

3-D-printed smart gel changes shape when exposed to light

Inspired by the color-changing skin of cuttlefish, octopuses and squids, Rutgers engineers have created a 3-D-printed smart gel that changes shape when exposed to light, becomes "artificial muscle" and may lead to new military ...

Biochemistry Dec 18, 2020

Engineers reveal molecular secrets of cephalopod powers

Reflectins, the unique structural proteins that give squids and octopuses the ability to change colors and blend in with their surroundings, are thought to have great potential for innovations in areas as diverse as electronics, ...

Plants & Animals Nov 30, 2020

The wily octopus: King of flexibility

Octopuses have the most flexible appendages known in nature, according to a new study in Scientific Reports. In addition to being soft and strong, each of the animal's eight arms can bend, twist, elongate and shorten in many ...

Plants & Animals Nov 02, 2020

Do octopuses' arms have a mind of their own?

Often described as aliens, octopuses are one of most unusual creatures on the planet, with three hearts, eight limbs and a keen intelligence. They can open jars, solve puzzles and even escape from their tanks, aided by their ...

Plants & Animals Oct 29, 2020

Touch and taste? It's all in the tentacles: Researchers uncover how the sensors in octopus suction cups work

Octopuses have captured the human imagination for centuries, inspiring sagas of sea monsters from Scandinavian kraken legends to TV's "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" and, most recently, Netflix's less-threatening "My Octopus ...

Environment Oct 23, 2020

Death of sea life off Russia peninsula 'caused by algae'

Blooming algae was behind a recent mass death of sea animals that saw octopuses and seals wash up on the shore off a Russian peninsula, scientists said on Friday in the final conclusion to their probe.

Environment Oct 12, 2020

Kamchatka marine life death caused by algae: Russian scientist

The mass death of sea creatures in Russia's Kamchatka region was caused by toxins from microalgae rather than man-made pollution, a senior Russian scientist said on Monday, citing preliminary findings of an investigation.

Environment Oct 08, 2020

Russian sea pollution forms massive moving slick

Suspected toxic waste pollution off Russia's Kamchatka peninsula that caused the mass deaths of marine animals has formed a moving slick stretching 40 kilometres (25 miles) along the Pacific coastline, researchers said Thursday.

Environment Oct 07, 2020

Russia probes pollution off Pacific coast after 'ecological disaster'

Russian authorities Wednesday opened an investigation into suspected toxic waste pollution off the Kamchatka peninsula on its Pacific coast which has led to the mass death of marine animals.

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