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General Physics Nov 10, 2021

Catching the fog as it rolls in for more fresh water

In the Namib desert—one of the driest places in the world—a tiny species of beetle climbs the dunes, leans its body toward the wind, and catches the only source of water it can: passing droplets of fog.

Materials Science Feb 24, 2020

Programmable droplet manipulation by a magnetic-actuation robot

Droplet manipulation in materials science can contribute to water collection, medical diagnostics and drug delivery techniques. While structure-based liquid operations are widely used in nature and in bioinspired artificial ...

General Physics Nov 26, 2019

Harvesting fog can provide fresh water in desert regions

Fog harvesting is a potential practical source of fresh water in foggy coastal deserts, and current solutions rely on meter scale nets/meshes. The mesh geometry, however, presents a physiologically inappropriate shape for ...

Materials Science Nov 6, 2019

Electrodeposited surfaces with reversibly switching interfacial properties

Materials engineering technologies aim to control wettability and liquid repellence of material surfaces for diverse applications in and beyond the field of materials science. In a recent report on Science Advances, Yue Liu ...

Nanophysics May 20, 2019

Water nanodroplets zip across graphene faster than a cheetah

In a new study, researchers have propelled water nanodroplets across a graphene surface at speeds of up to 250 km (155 miles) per hour—which, for comparison, is about twice as fast as a sprinting cheetah. The water droplets' ...

Earth Sciences Mar 22, 2017

Study of non-rainfall water in Namib Desert reveals unexpected origins

In a study conducted in one of the world's oldest and most biologically diverse deserts, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis scientists explore the origins of water other than rainfall and are identifying multiple ...

Materials Science Feb 24, 2016

Inspired by a desert beetle, cactus and pitcher plant, researchers design a new material to collect water droplets

Organisms such as cacti and desert beetles can survive in arid environments because they've evolved mechanisms to collect water from thin air. The Namib desert beetle, for example, collects water droplets on the bumps of ...

Condensed Matter Jan 22, 2016

Beetle-inspired discovery could reduce frost's costly sting

In a discovery that may lead to ways to prevent frost on airplane parts, condenser coils, and even windshields, a team of researchers led by Virginia Tech has used chemical micropatterns to control the growth of frost caused ...

Plants & Animals Dec 22, 2014

221 new species described by the California Academy of Sciences in 2014

In 2014, researchers at the California Academy of Sciences added a whopping 221 new plant and animal species to our family tree, enriching our understanding of Earth's complex web of life and strengthening our ability to ...

General Physics Dec 8, 2014

Biomimetic dew harvesters

Insects are full of marvels - and this is certainly the case with a beetle from the Tenebrionind family, found in the extreme conditions of the Namib desert.

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