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Astronomy Apr 08, 2020

How the world's biggest radio telescope could be used to search for aliens

In 2016, China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope—the largest single-aperture radio telescope in the world—gathered its first light. Since then, the telescope has undergone extensive testing and commissioning ...

Astronomy Mar 30, 2020

How will clouds obscure the view of exoplanet surfaces?

In 2021, NASA's next-generation observatory, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), will take to space. Once operational, this flagship mission will pick up where other space telescopes—like Hubble, Kepler and Spitzer—left ...

Astronomy Mar 02, 2020

Riding the wave of a supernova to go interstellar

When it comes to the challenges posed by interstellar travel, there are no easy answers. The distances are immense, the amount of energy needed to make the journey is tremendous, and the time scales involved are (no pun!) ...

Astronomy Feb 19, 2020

There could be meteors traveling at close to the speed of light when they hit the atmosphere

It's no secret that planet Earth is occasionally greeted by rocks from space that either explode in the atmosphere or impact on the surface. In addition, Earth regularly experiences meteor showers whenever it passes through ...

Space Exploration Feb 05, 2020

SPIDER mission will assemble and manufacture a communications antenna in space

It has been suggested that if humanity truly wants to embark on a renewed era of space exploration, one of the key ingredients is the ability to manufacture structures in space. By assembling everything from satellites to ...

Materials Science Mar 03, 2020

Team sheds new light on design of inorganic materials for brain-like computing

Ever wish your computer could think like you do or perhaps even understand you?

Space Exploration Sep 06, 2018

Dense metal planets like Mercury are probably rare in the universe

The planet Mercury, the closet planet to our Sun, is something of an exercise in extremes. It's days last longer than it's years and at any given time, it's sun-facing side is scorching hot while its dark side is freezing ...

Astronomy Jun 22, 2018

New model predicts that we're probably the only advanced civilization in the observable universe

The Fermi Paradox remains a stumbling block when it comes to the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (SETI). Named in honor of the famed physicist Enrico Fermi who first proposed it, this paradox addresses the apparent ...

General Physics Dec 11, 2014

A universe of 10 dimensions

When someone mentions "different dimensions," we tend to think of things like parallel universes – alternate realities that exist parallel to our own, but where things work or happened differently. However, the reality ...

Space Exploration Dec 10, 2014

How was the Earth formed?

Just how did the Earth—our home and the place where life as we know it evolved—come to be created in the first place? In some fiery furnace atop a great mountain? On some divine forge with the hammer of the gods shaping ...

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