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Earth Sciences Sep 28, 2023

Study removes human bias from debate over dinosaurs' demise

To help resolve the scientific debate over whether it was a giant asteroid or volcanic eruptions that wiped out the dinosaurs and most other species 66 million years ago, Dartmouth researchers tried a new approach—they ...

Evolution Sep 20, 2023

Proboscideans of the Hammerschmiede, contemporaries of the first upright ape

Today, there exist only three elephant species, in Africa and Asia. Yet the diversity of proboscidean species and their distribution was significantly greater in the Earth's past.

Molecular & Computational biology Sep 19, 2023

RNA has been recovered from an extinct species for the first time

A new study shows the isolation and sequencing of more than a century-old RNA molecules from a Tasmanian tiger specimen preserved at room temperature in a museum collection. This resulted in the reconstruction of skin and ...

Environment Aug 29, 2023

Scientists voyage to Greenland's melting sanctuary

With rugged red mountains rising on either side, a sailboat carrying scientists deftly snakes between icebergs brimming Greenland's Scoresby Fjord, as they rush to document this understudied region on the frontline of climate ...

Ecology Aug 20, 2023

Study: Changing climate, growing human populations and widespread fires contributed to the last major extinction event

Over the past decade, deadly wildfires have become increasingly common because of both human-caused climate change and disruptive land management practices. Southern California, where the three of us live and work, has been ...

Biotechnology Aug 16, 2023

Teeth could preserve antibodies hundreds of years old, study finds

Teeth could be capable of preserving antibodies for hundreds of years, allowing scientists to investigate the history of infectious human diseases, a new study has found.

Planetary Sciences Aug 14, 2023

Cylindrical autonomous drilling bot could reach buried Martian water

The south pole of Mars is a likely candidate for future exploration efforts there. It is also an area of interest for astrobiologists, as there is a decent chance that there might be signs of ancient water there and, therefore, ...

Environment Aug 9, 2023

Biden, in environment push, protects lands near Grand Canyon

Joe Biden used the backdrop of the Grand Canyon Tuesday to champion the climate fight—and distinguish himself from the Republican right—by designating large swathes of surrounding sacred land with protective status.

Earth Sciences Jul 30, 2023

Ancient pathogens released from melting ice could wreak havoc on the world, new analysis reveals

Science fiction is rife with fanciful tales of deadly organisms emerging from the ice and wreaking havoc on unsuspecting human victims.

Earth Sciences Jul 20, 2023

Greenland melted recently, says study that raises future sea level threat

A mile-thick ice sheet in Greenland vanished around 416,000 years ago during a period of moderate natural warming, driving global sea rise to levels that would spell catastrophe for coastal regions today, a study said Thursday.

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