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Plants & Animals May 17, 2022

Scientists find new and mysterious DDT chemicals accumulating in California condors

When Christopher Tubbs joined an ambitious multinational effort to save California condors from the brink of extinction, he knew the odds of success were long.

Archaeology May 17, 2022

Evidence of slash-and-burn cultivation during the Mesolithic

As early as 9,500 years ago, people in Europe used slash-and-burn methods to make land usable for agriculture. This is shown by environmental data generated by scientists from the Senckenberg Center for Human Evolution and ...

Environment May 09, 2022

Opinion: Environmental justice delayed has been justice denied

It has taken a very long time, but environmental justice has moved to the center of the environmental policy agenda. Here in New York City, the environmental justice movement spent decades fighting the siting of the North ...

Paleontology & Fossils Apr 26, 2022

Exploring the origins of molecular paleontology

If "Jurassic Park" fueled your interest in dinosaurs, genetics, and all things ancient, you aren't alone. There's an entire field dedicated to looking for ancient DNA—molecular paleontology—that predates Michael Crichton's ...

Environment Apr 04, 2022

'Now or never' to avoid climate catastrophe, warns UN

Humanity has less than three years to halt the rise of planet-warming carbon emissions and less than a decade to slash them by nearly half, UN climate experts said Monday, warning the world faced a last-gasp race to ensure ...

Environment Apr 04, 2022

UN to release handbook of climate change solutions

UN climate experts are set to release what is expected to be the definitive guide to halting global warming on Monday, in a report that lays out how societies and economies must transform to ensure a "liveable" future.

Evolution Mar 31, 2022

Mammals with larger brains were more likely to survive extinction in Late Quaternary

Mammals with larger brains than similar-sized related species were more likely to have survived extinction during the Late Quaternary (between 115,000 to 500 years ago) reports a study published in Scientific Reports.

Plants & Animals Mar 31, 2022

How the first cat-like saber-tooth predator was discovered, and why it differs from modern cats

Although they are currently the greatest predators on land, it's likely that modern-day cats wouldn't have been a match for the newly discovered Diegoaelurus vanvalkenburghae. At around 42 million years old, it's thought ...

Earth Sciences Mar 30, 2022

Research finds drought alters Mammoth Mountain's carbon dioxide emissions

Thirty years ago, on the flanks of a volcano in California's Sierra Nevada range, trees began to die en masse, suffocated at their roots by carbon dioxide seeping up from the mountain's depths after a swarm of small earthquakes.

Environment Mar 29, 2022

2 people, dog rescued from river as storm douses California

Two people and a dog were rescued from a rain-swollen Southern California river Monday as a vigorous late-season storm moved slowly through the state, bringing heavy showers and snow.

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