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Biotechnology 19 hours ago

Adapting roots to a hotter planet could ease pressure on food supply

The shoots of plants get all of the glory, with their fruit and flowers and visible structure. But it's the portion that lies below the soil—the branching, reaching arms of roots and hairs pulling up water and nutrients—that ...

Ecology Jul 29, 2021

Climate change to fuel increase in human-wildlife conflict

With wildfires spreading across the parched Western U.S., severe floods in Europe and in the coming decade a potential surge in coastal flooding, 2021 could be a pivotal year in how governments, societies and families view ...

Environment Jul 29, 2021

Forgotten oil and gas wells linger, leaking toxic chemicals

Rusted pipes litter the sandy fields of Ashley Williams Watt's cattle ranch in windswept West Texas. The corroded skeletons are all that remain of hundreds of abandoned oil wells that were drilled long before her family owned ...

Evolution Jul 29, 2021

Why animals recognise numbers but only humans can do math

Counting feels utterly effortless to adults, who are unlikely to even remember when or how they picked up this useful, apparently automatic skill. Yet when you think about it, counting is a remarkable invention. It helped ...

Ecology Jul 29, 2021

UNESCO awards Gabon's Ivindo park World Heritage status

Gabon's Ivindo National Park was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on Wednesday in recognition of the nation's success in defending biodiversity and challenging climate change.

Paleontology & Fossils Jul 28, 2021

Icy waters of 'Snowball Earth' may have spurred early organisms to grow bigger

A new study from CU Boulder finds that hundreds of millions of years ago, small single-celled organisms may have evolved into larger multicellular life forms to better propel themselves through icy waters.

Plants & Animals Jul 28, 2021

Researchers confirm the presence of the African leopard in southwestern Cameroon

A Concordia-led research team revealed direct evidence of the presence of the African leopard in the Campo Ma'an Conservation Area, southern Cameroon for the first time in more than 20 years.

Plants & Animals Jul 27, 2021

Breakthrough research examines the effects introduced animals had on Madagascar's extinct megafauna

Madagascar is renowned for its unique and varied biodiversity, which spans dry grasslands, wet rain forests, mangroves and deserts. This variety, combined with the island's isolation and size, has fostered distinctive assemblages ...

Plants & Animals Jul 27, 2021

Animals are better sprinters than humans

An interdisciplinary group of scientists from the universities of Cologne, Koblenz, Tübingen, and Stuttgart has studied the characteristics determining the maximum running speed in animals. The model they developed explains ...

Environment Jul 25, 2021

India: on the frontline of climate change

Swathes of India are battling deadly floods and landslides after heavy monsoon rains, just the latest example of how the vast country is on the frontline of climate change.

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