Victoria University is located in the Melbourne, Australia metro region. It began in 1916 and has steadily grown to be one of the largest institutions of higher learning in Australia with a diverse student body of approximately 50,000 students. Victoria University is known for its research institutes of Sustainability and Innovation, Center for Environmental Safety and Risk Engineering, Center for Telecommunications and Micro-Electronics, and its Applied Informatics Research Center. Media contacts are welcome.

PO Box 14428 Melbourne Victoria 8001 Australia

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Research proves value of traceability in dairy industry

As part of her research, Melissa developed a model for estimating the value added by traceability systems. As well as helping companies gauge the overall benefit of improving their products' traceability, the model also helps ...

Researchers engineer new proteins to help solve global problems

Researchers from Victoria University of Wellington's Ferrier Research Institute have made significant progress in the science of protein engineering, achieving a breakthrough which has implications for tackling global problems ...

Report offers advice for avoiding 'crisis contagion'

A collaborative research project involving a Victoria University researcher has identified key risk factors that increase the likelihood of 'crisis contagion', where a reputational crisis spreads from one company to another.

Research shows impact on young Māori of widening inequalities

Associate Professor Joanna Kidman from Victoria's Te Kura Māori (School of Education), says her research team found that rising levels of poverty had left Māori youth with fewer resources to prepare for the future.

3-D printing technologies transport students to ancient greece

The use of 3-D printing technologies in Victoria University of Wellington's Classics Museum has students using ancient Greek artefacts the way they were intended—from interacting with 3-D printed ancient objects to designing ...

Opinion: Bracing for the cost of climate change

Climate change is here to stay, irrespective of how successful the current international efforts are in preventing the direst scenarios through global collaborations.

Database holds Earth's 2,000 year climate history

Climate scientists will be able to more accurately study Earth's temperature changes, thanks to a global database compiled with the help of a Victoria University of Wellington and GNS Science researcher.

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