Vanderbilt University was established in 1873 in Nashville, Tennessee as a private academic research institution. The Academic Ranking of World Universities ranks Vanderbilt 42nd among all comparable research and academic institutions globally. Vanderbilt is noted for its medical school, school of engineering, Vanderbilt has an undergraduate, graduate and professional degree curriculum with approximately 12,000 students. Vanderbilt Medical Center and research institutes attract a high level of funding from the National Institutes of Health. Exploration, a scientific on-line news service is published by Vanderbilt as well as other journals and news about current research.

Baker Building 110 21st Ave. S., Suite 708 Nashville, TN 37203

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How zoning affects greenhouse gas emissions

Climate change is a global challenge often met on a local level. Local governments shape how their communities are developed through land use controls. Their policy decisions related to housing density, location, and building ...

Why have venture capitalists become so founder-friendly?

Companies backed by venture capitalists ("VCs") have a disproportionate influence on our economy; they provide funding to less than 0.25% of new businesses, but more than 47% of US companies that went public between 1995 ...

What is happening to US higher education?

Recent technological advancements and new players have shaken up various industries, like entertainment and transportation. Now, these same changes are affecting higher education in America. New research out of Vanderbilt ...

Researchers map structure of mitochondria at different life stages

Mitochondria, organelles with an inner and outer membrane, are responsible for creating the energy that cells use to survive, and their morphology is key to accomplishing this task. The inner mitochondrial membrane contains ...

Insect immune insights: Researchers unveil immune system dynamics

A paper published in PLoS Pathogens, titled "Mapping the functional form of the trade-off between infection resistance and reproductive fitness under dysregulated immune signaling," delves into the microscopic realm and unravels ...

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