Cutting-edge research, high quality teaching, a broad spectrum of educational programs across 11 faculties, this is what the University of Regensburg stands for. The modern campus offers outstanding research facilities and an inspiring study and learning environment for its 21,000 students.

Universit├Ątsstra├če 31 93053 Regensburg Germany

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Imaging a molecular switch

Scanning probe microscopes like the scanning tunneling microscope and the atomic force microscope give researchers valuable information about individual molecules. One of the most interesting areas of research is molecular ...

Physicists nudge atoms within less than a trillionth of a second

Scientists from Regensburg and Zurich have found a fascinating way to push an atom with controlled forces so quickly that they can choreograph the motion of a single molecule within less than a trillionth of a second. The ...

Music goes terahertz

An international research team from Germany, Italy, and the U.K. has developed a key photonics component for the terahertz spectral range. By mixing electronic resonances in semiconductor nanostructures with the photon field ...

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