Cutting-edge research, high quality teaching, a broad spectrum of educational programs across 11 faculties, this is what the University of Regensburg stands for. The modern campus offers outstanding research facilities and an inspiring study and learning environment for its 21,000 students.

Universitätsstraße 31 93053 Regensburg Germany

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Light and nickel found to simplify cross-coupling reactions

Cross-coupling reactions—chemical transformations in which two fragments are joined together—are a valuable tool in the synthesis of organic molecules. Applications range from drug development and synthesis of naturally ...

A team of physicists watches electrons getting dressed with light

Since ancient times, mankind has tried to tailor materials by combining different substances. Imagine a world where materials properties could be flexibly changed on demand by simply shining light onto them. A group of physicists ...

Real-life 'quantum molycircuits' using exotic nanotubes

Molybdenum disulfide MoS2 is a groundbreaking material for electronics applications. As a two-dimensional layer similar to graphene, it is an excellent semiconductor, and can even become intrinsically superconducting under ...

Mix of X-ray methods offers improved structure analysis

Sometimes scientists have to accept that a method they have used for years fails under certain conditions. Such a failure calls for a careful analysis of the shortcomings and their subsequent elimination. An international ...

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