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1012 WX Amsterdam, Netherlands

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How can we break the racial bias in the labour market?

When interviewing a job candidate, people often have certain preferences that are not just based on a rational evaluation of the person's skills, but also on gut feelings. These feelings can be fed by our biases that develop ...

'Imprisonment is more than being behind bars,' argues researcher

Being tightly monitored by an employer when working from home, house arrest or a restraining order: according to researcher Hadassa Noorda, these are all forms of imprisonment. "You can also be imprisoned without being behind ...

Microbot toys demonstrate how biological machines move

By connecting small self-propelling toys in a chain, researchers at the UvA Institute of Physics have found the key to studying the movement of microscopic organisms and molecular motors inside our cells.

Novel nanocages for delivery of small interfering RNAs

Small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) are novel therapeutics that can be used to treat a wide range of diseases. This has led to a growing demand for selective, efficient, and safe ways of delivering siRNA in cells. Now, in a cooperation ...

How to overcome noise in quantum computations

Researchers Ludovico Lami (QuSoft, University of Amsterdam) and Mark M. Wilde (Cornell) have made significant progress in quantum computing by deriving a formula that predicts the effects of environmental noise. This is crucial ...

Biologists develop new record bright red fluorescent protein

To understand why a cell divides, secretes hormones or transmits a signal to another cell, biologists often use a trick. They attach colored lights to the proteins of interest, so that they can follow the movements and interactions ...

Graphene grows—physicists find a way to visualize it

Graphene is one of the strongest materials. On top of that, it is exceptionally good at conducting heat and electrical currents, making it one of the most special and versatile materials we know. For all these reasons, the ...

A crystal, but not as we know it

When we think of crystals, we think of ice, kitchen salt, quartz, and so on—hard solids whose shapes show a regular pattern.

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