DescriptionThe University of Amsterdam is a public university located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

1012 WX Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Report indicates EU citizens feel increasingly European

The sense of a European identity has increased among inhabitants of the European Union in the past 15 years—in spite of crises like Brexit and the Eurozone crisis. That is the conclusion of professor of European Studies ...

A new and better way to detect media censorship

Worldwide news media are facing increasing pressure from autocrats to report favorably about their leaders and party politics, so political scientists have launched a new computational method that can detect such media censorship ...

New work reveals the 'quantumness' of gravity

Gravity is part of our everyday life. Still, the gravitational force remains mysterious: to this day we do not understand whether its ultimate nature is geometrical, as Einstein envisaged, or governed by the laws of quantum ...

How much trust do people have in different types of scientists?

Understanding why some people trust some scientists more than others is a key factor in solving social problems with science. But little was known about the trust levels across the diverse range of scientific fields and perspectives.

Scientists trigger mini-earthquakes in the lab

Earthquakes and landslides are famously difficult to predict and prepare for. By studying a miniature version of the ground in the lab, scientists at the UvA Institute of Physics have demonstrated how these events can be ...

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