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Could resources on Mars support human explorers?

In the coming decades, multiple space agencies and private companies plan to establish outposts on the moon and Mars. These outposts will allow for long-duration stays, astrobiological research, and facilitate future solar ...

A handy attachment could make lunar construction a breeze

Moving large amounts of regolith is a requirement for any long-term mission to the moon or Mars. But so far, humanity has only sent systems capable of moving small amounts of soil at a time—primarily for sample collection. ...

Swarms of orbiting sensors could map an asteroid's surface

It seems like every month a new story appears announcing the discovery of thousands of new asteroids. Tracking these small body objects from ground and even space-based telescopes helps follow their overall trajectory. But ...

CubeSat propulsion technologies are taking off

CubeSats are becoming ever more popular, with about 2,400 total launched so far. However, the small size limits their options for fundamental space exploration technologies, including propulsion. They become even more critical ...

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