Society of Biology

The Society of Biology is a charitable organization in the United Kingdom created to advance the interests of biology. Formed in 2010 by the merger of the Biosciences Federation and the Institute of Biology, the Society has some 10,000 individual members and through its corporate specialist member societies represents over 80,000 bioscientists, professional and non-professional. In addition to engaging the public on matters related to life science, the Society seeks to develop the profession and to guide the development of related policies. Members may use the letters MSB after their name. The first and current president of the society is Dame Nancy Rothwell, who is also the president and vice-chancellor of the University of Manchester.

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App helps homeowners identify spiders

Each autumn the number of spiders seen indoors suddenly increases as males go on the hunt for a mate. The Society of Biology is launching a new app to help the public learn more about the spiders that will be in their homes ...

dateSep 16, 2014 in Plants & Animals
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