Queensland University of Technology (QUT) was established in 1908 and is one of the largest universities in Australia. It is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. QUT has over 40,000 students and three additional campuses nearby. QUT is rated 195 in the Times Higher Education Ranking of all world universities. A recent merger will combine Science and Technology. Information Technology, Built Environment and Engineering and Health are notable departments within QUT.

2 George St, Brisbane QLD 4000 GPO Box 2434, Brisbane QLD 4000

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Digital gulf drives trust wedge between businesses and customers

Businesses are more likely to win over customers if they can break down the lack of trust around digital technology, according to a new white paper from QUT's Center for Future Enterprise (CFE), which also concludes that ...

Climate change threatens global fisheries

The diet quality of fish across large parts of the world's oceans could decline by up to 10% as climate change impacts an integral part of marine food chains, a major study has found.

Bushfire safe rooms may save lives

QUT researchers have built and tested a bushfire safe room that exceeds current Australian standards and could keep people alive or protect valuables when evacuation is no longer an option.

UV-sensing wearables project uses new 'switchable dye' tech

Science and design researchers at QUT have joined forces to develop reusable, color-changing prototypes of jewelry and accessories that use new switchable dye technology to warn people when they've had too much sun.

Drones detect moss beds and changes to Antarctica climate

Researchers have been using drones to map large areas of Antarctica this summer in efforts to monitor the effects on vegetation due to climate change with the support of the Federal Government's Australian Antarctic Division.

Methane 'gobbling' microorganism is a shape shifter

A microorganism that helps reduce the release of the greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere has been found to be a "shape shifter" capable of markedly changing its appearance and metabolism to rapidly respond to changes ...

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