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Finding new chemistry to capture double the carbon

Finding ways to capture, store, and use carbon dioxide (CO2) remains an urgent global problem. As temperatures continue to rise, keeping CO2 from entering the atmosphere can help limit warming where carbon-based fuels are ...

New AI model: A leap for autonomous materials science

Materials science enables cutting-edge technologies, from lightweight cars and powerful computers to high-capacity batteries and durable spacecraft. But to develop materials for these applications, they need to be exactingly ...

Understanding corrosion to enable next-generation metals

Researchers are using new, experimental techniques like Shear Assisted Processing and Extrusion (ShAPE) and friction stir welding to produce metal components that are lighter, stronger, and more precise than ever before. ...

Detecting atmospheric rivers with satellite observations

Atmospheric rivers (ARs) are filaments of intense moisture transport in the atmosphere. These weather systems drive a large fraction of the extreme precipitation events over coastal regions. Detecting ARs in satellite observations ...

Developing data science approaches for nanoparticle synthesis

Typically, researchers attempting to synthesize specifically targeted particles of materials have had to rely on intuition or trial-and-error methods. This approach can be inefficient, requiring significant time and resource ...

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