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New approach to metabolomics research could prove game changer

Accurate identification of metabolites, and other small chemicals, in biological and environmental samples has historically fallen short when using traditional methods. Conventional tactics rely on pure reference compounds, ...

A leap in using silicon for battery anodes

The same material you'll find at the tip of a pencil—graphite—has long been a key component in today's lithium-ion batteries. As our reliance on these batteries increases, however, graphite-based electrodes are due for ...

Detecting toxic PFAS with a chip-sized sensor

PNNL has patented an accurate and portable way to detect miniscule amounts of an extremely persistent toxic chemical that accumulates in our bodies and our environment.

Identifying the dark matter of the molecular world

Imagine that your Facebook feed poses a tantalizing puzzle. You're presented with a few fragments about a person—eye color, hair color, age, and height—and have just one minute to pick out the person's name and identity ...

Rad revelations: Future fuel designs from noble metals

Researchers at PNNL are removing a shroud of mystery surrounding the behavior of certain metal particles in nuclear fuel. The team's findings could improve future fuel designs for more efficient and safe production of nuclear ...

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