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Mapping the body, speck by speck

PNNL chemists, biologists, and data analysts have teamed to create one of the most in-depth portraits ever taken of protein populations across tissue sections that are vanishingly small, each tinier than a speck of dust just ...

Where liquid meets air: Unearthing how air pollutants form

Global climate change is often at the forefront of national and international discussions and controversies, yet many details of the specific contributing factors are poorly understood. Many questions remain unanswered about ...

Magnesium takes ShAPE

Two forms of magnesium material that were processed into tubing using a novel manufacturing technology called Shear Assisted Process and Extrusion—or ShAPE—were found to have quite similar and improved microstructures, ...

New catalyst outshines platinum for producing hydrogen

Hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, packs a powerful punch. And because it contains no carbon, it produces only water when used as a fuel. But on Earth, hydrogen most often exists in combination with other ...

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