Michigan State University (MSU) was established in 1855 and is located in East Lansing, Michigan. The student body exceeds 40,000 students and includes undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees. MSU's work in technology, science and engineering is ranked high in the USA. MSU's graduate school in nuclear physics was recently named the 2nd highest school of its kind in the U.S. MSU is consistently rated in the Top 100 of public universities and is particularly noted for its high retention rate for undergraduate students.

403 Olds Hall • East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1047

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Detoxifying gold mining

Jacqueline "Jackie" Gerson knows very well how "artisanal gold mining" sounds to people who haven't heard the phrase before.

Q&A: How chronic wasting disease threatens deer populations

With the firearm deer hunting season kicking off, many Michigan hunters have their minds set to bring home a winning whitetail. But for Sonja Christensen, an assistant professor in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife ...

Fungi's secrets for surviving a hypersaline environment

Many organisms have evolved to survive in some of the Earth's harshest conditions, tolerating freezing temperatures, crushing pressures and other extremes. In studying these organisms, scientists deepen our understanding ...

Plant biologists shed light on 144-year-old seedy mystery

In April 2021, four Michigan State University plant scientists met at an undisclosed area on campus to dig up a bottle containing seeds buried more than 144 years ago by MSU botanist William J. Beal.

Plants' secret to surviving shorter days

The upcoming daylight saving time "fall back" may be a drag for many people—but new research from Michigan State University scientists reveals that plants have found ways to cope.

Simulating how electrons move through biological nanowires

The movement of electrons across wires is what allows us to use electricity every day. Biological nanowires, microscopic wires made of proteins, have caught researchers' attention for their ability to carry electrons over ...

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