Can airships take scenic flights back to the future?

Massey University School of Aviation assistant lecturer Isaac Henderson has always been fascinated by airships, so he embarked on a master's thesis to find out if they could be brought back into the mainstream.

Modelling volcanoes that 'collapse without warning'

A new joint research project from Massey University, University of Canterbury and GNS Science is looking to forecast, for the first time, the hazards associated with collapsing volcanoes, that could save infrastructure and ...

Road rules for gene transfer are written in DNA

A new discovery suggests that bacteria's ability to transfer genes, like those associated with antibiotic resistance, are governed by a previously unknown set of rules that are written in the DNA of the recipient.

Serving up a sheep milk smoothie

Shifting consumers' mindset to sheep milk is the objective of a fun and informative stand at this week's National Fieldays that mixes the resources of Massey University staff and students.

Researcher exposes the reality of food insecurity

A family discussing scavenging for food in rubbish bins and the ethics of killing a pet rabbit for meat is just one story from Dr. Rebekah Graham's doctoral study on New Zealanders experiencing food insecurity.

Sea lion colony confirmed, but work still needed

While celebrating the Department of Conservation's announcement of a New Zealand sea lion (rāpoka) breeding colony on Stewart Island, a Massey University marine mammal specialist is calling further action to protect the ...

The mechanics of a parkour landing

Have you ever watched a person leaping from buildings or vaulting over railings and wondered, "How did they do that?"

App for keeping an eye on the kids at the pool

For many, it would not be summer without a day at the public swimming pool. Now a design student has created a concept for an app that prompts parents and guardians to keep an eye on their kids.

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