King's College London was established in 1829 and is a co-founded constituent college of the University of London. Today, King's College London has more than 19,700 undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is home to five research councils, trains physicians, dentists and conducts complex medical and health related research. King's College London is also known for its academic and research in Physical Science and Engineering, Institute of Psychiatry and Social Services.

4.14, James Clerk Maxwell Building, Waterloo Campus, 57 Waterloo Road, London SE1 8WA, UK

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Nearly half of Britons say women's equality has gone far enough

Nearly one in two Britons (47%) say that when it comes to giving women equal rights with men, things have gone far enough in Great Britain—compared to 38% who said the same last year. And for the first time in this data ...

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