Inderscience Publishers or Inderscience is a publishing company which publishes peer-reviewed journals in the fields of law, engineering and technology, management and business administration, and energy, environment and sustainable development. New journals in science, electricity, energy, bio-mechanics and related fields are continually being introduced. Ingenta lists 327 journals for this publisher.


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Research evaluates strategy for supply chains under pressure

Recent upheavals in the global market have put supply chains under immense pressure, and the logistics and road transportation sectors are struggling to keep pace with geopolitical tensions, rampant inflation, and the rising ...

Modeling a right royal butterfly effect

The monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus, is renowned for its striking appearance and perhaps even more than that, its remarkable long-distance migration. The population present in North America heads south each year in the ...

Turning pine needles into energy to reduce wildfire risks

The increasing frequency of environmental fires is a serious issue around the world and one that is being exacerbated by climate change. Millions of hectares and thousands of homes are at risk. Recovery times will run to ...