Inderscience Publishers or Inderscience is a publishing company which publishes peer-reviewed journals in the fields of law, engineering and technology, management and business administration, and energy, environment and sustainable development. New journals in science, electricity, energy, bio-mechanics and related fields are continually being introduced. Ingenta lists 327 journals for this publisher.


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Can vague go viral for Gen Y?

Generation Y, Gen Y, is commonly referred to as the millennial generation. It usually includes individuals born between the early 1980s and the mid-to-late 1990s or early 2000s. This generation follows Generation X and precedes ...

Evaluating the coastal costs of climate change

A review in the International Journal of Environment and Pollution has looked at research into the impact of climate change on the coastal environments of small islands. The study covers the literature from 1985 to 2021, ...

The ecology of industrial renewal

Industry faces many problems in the current economic, sociopolitical, and environmental context. The idea of industrial renewal has thus come to the fore as an approach that might allow us to address those different challenges ...

How global factors influence Thailand's rubber market

A study published in the International Journal of Economics and Business Research has looked at the various factors affecting fluctuations in the price of natural rubber in Thailand, the world's largest producer of the product. ...

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