ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences (Catalan: Institut de Ciències Fotòniques) (Spanish: Instituto de Ciencias Fotónicas) is a centre of research excellence devoted to the science and technology of light. Located in Barcelona, Spain, ICFO was created in 2002 by the Government of Catalonia and the Technical University of Catalonia. The Institute carries out frontier research and trains the next generation of scientists and technologists.


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Why are optical refractive indices so small?

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon cover, voted the greatest classical rock album of all time, intended to portray the prism and dispersion of light into a rainbow as a certain metaphorical symbolism and a light show that ...

Raman holography for biology

Raman spectroscopy is widely used in analytical sciences to identify molecules via their structural fingerprint. In the biological context the Raman response provides a valuable label-free specific contrast that allows distinguishing ...

Colloidal quantum dot light emitters go broadband in the infrared

Broadband light emission in the infrared has proven to be of paramount importance for a large range of applications that include food quality and product/process monitoring, recycling, environmental sensing and monitoring, ...

New approach to exotic quantum matter

In a three-dimensional world, all particles must be either fermions or bosons, but in fewer dimensions, the existence of particles known as anyons, which have intermediate quantum statistics, is possible. Such fascinating ...

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