ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences (Catalan: Institut de Ciències Fotòniques) (Spanish: Instituto de Ciencias Fotónicas) is a centre of research excellence devoted to the science and technology of light. Located in Barcelona, Spain, ICFO was created in 2002 by the Government of Catalonia and the Technical University of Catalonia. The Institute carries out frontier research and trains the next generation of scientists and technologists.


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Ultracold atoms dressed by light simulate gauge theories

Our modern understanding of the physical world is based on gauge theories: mathematical models from theoretical physics that describe the interactions between elementary particles (such as electrons or quarks) and explain ...

A boost in performance in fiber-integrated quantum memories

Quantum memories are one of the building blocks of the future quantum internet. Without them, it would be rather impossible to transmit quantum information over long distances and expand into a real quantum network. These ...

Light derails electrons through graphene

The way electrons flow in a material determines its electronic properties. For example, when a voltage is sustained across a conducting material, electrons start flowing, generating an electrical current. These electrons ...

Quantum theory needs complex numbers

Physicists construct theories to describe nature. Let us explain it through an analogy with something that we can do in our everyday life, like going on a hike in the mountains. To avoid getting lost, we generally use a map. ...

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