The Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres is a union of 15 science, technical, biologic, and medical research centers within Germany. Collectively, the association employs more than 27,200 professionals and offers training for advanced students and investigators. The association divides its interest areas into Energy, Earth and Environment, Health, Key Technologies, Structure of Matter and Transport and Space. The centres are funded more than 2-billion Euros each year with a combination of national, local and private grants.

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14 parameters in one go: New instrument for optoelectronics

An HZB physicist has developed a new method for the comprehensive characterization of semiconductors in a single measurement. The "Constant Light-Induced Magneto-Transport (CLIMAT)" is based on the Hall effect and allows ...

Mapping how deforested land in Africa is used

Africa's forested areas—an estimated 14 % of the global forest area—are continuing to decline at an increasing rate—mostly because of human activities to convert forest land for economic purposes. As natural forests ...

Examining how molecular orbitals determine stability

Carboxylic acid dianions (fumarate, maleate, and succinate) play a role in coordination chemistry and, to some extent, also in the biochemistry of body cells. An HZB team at BESSY II has now analyzed their electronic structures ...

A new approach for fast and cost-effective pathogen detection

The ability to detect diseases at an early stage or even predict their onset would be of tremendous benefit to doctors and patients alike. A research team led by Dr. Larysa Baraban at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf ...

How waves and mixing drive coastal upwelling systems

They are among the most productive and biodiverse areas of the world's oceans: coastal upwelling regions along the eastern boundaries of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. There, equatorward winds cause near-surface water to ...

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