The American Geophysical Union, (AGU) is a world-wide scientific community for the advancement and research of Earth and Space as applied to human beings. AGU is a technical society with approximately 50,000 members comprised of scientists, teachers and students. AGU conducts conferences, meetings, publishes journals, books and weekly newsletters on geophysics and related subject matter. AGU sponsors education programs and provides on-line public access to a great deal of its work. AGU sponsors public outreach to the media for the purposes of improving science-related writing to the general public.

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The escalating impact of global warming on atmospheric rivers

Ribbons of water vapor called atmospheric rivers wind through the troposphere, moving the planet's moisture from near the equator toward the poles. These aerial waterways are responsible for about 20%–30% of the annual ...

A new origin story for deadly Seattle fault

The Seattle fault zone is a network of shallow faults slicing through the lowlands of Puget Sound, threatening to create damaging earthquakes for the more than four million people who live there.

Comparing carbon-trapping capacities of anoxic basins

Humans will need to both drastically reduce emissions and remove at least 10 gigatons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per year to avoid the worst effects of climate change, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on ...

Glaciers rise, fall and melt with tides

Glaciers that extend off the edges of landmasses move much more than scientists anticipated, R. Gadi and colleagues have found. The boundary between the grounded part of a glacier and the point at which the glacier extends ...

Scientists investigate how heat rises through Europa's ocean

Europa, one of Jupiter's many moons, may be capable of supporting life because its icy surface likely obscures a deep, salty ocean. Europa's ocean is also in direct contact with its mantle rocks, and interactions between ...

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