Aalto University, Finland is a new multidisciplinary science and art community in the fields of science, economics, and art and design. The University is founded on Finnish strengths, and its goal is to develop as a unique entity to become one of the world's top universities. Aalto University's cornerstones are its strengths in education and research. At the new University, there are 20,000 basic degree and graduate students as well as a staff of 5,000 of which 350 are professors. contact information for media: Johanna Juselius Aalto University Communications tel ­­­+358 50 372 7062 email johanna.juselius@aalto.fi

Otakaari 1, Espoo, Finland, Finland

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Can a city store as much carbon as a forest?

A team of researchers at Aalto University has developed a new tool to help urban planners keep urban developments in line with climate goals. The tool provides a metric that planners can use to improve carbon-neutral planning ...

It's not as difficult as you think to shout upwind, shows study

For years, Ville Pulkki has been wondering why it feels so difficult to shout upwind. The sensation is common enough to have found its way into an idiom about not being understood. But Pulkki, a professor of acoustics at ...

A potential treatment for multidrug-resistant bacteria

A new type of drug could provide a way to treat multidrug-resistant bacteria, according to a study published in Nature Communications. Instead of targeting the bacteria directly, the drug blocks key toxins involved in the ...

A new type of photonic time crystal gives light a boost

Researchers have developed a way to create photonic time crystals, and they have shown that these bizarre, artificial materials amplify the light that shines on them. These findings, described in a paper in Science Advances, ...

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