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Image: Orion spacecraft prepares for upcoming launch

Orion on the Rise - NASA
Credit: NASA/Radislav Sinyak

Technicians lift NASA's Orion spacecraft out of the Final Assembly and System Testing cell on June 28, 2024. The integrated spacecraft, which will be used for the Artemis II mission to orbit the moon, has been undergoing final rounds of testing and assembly, including end-to-end performance verification of its subsystems and checking for leaks in its propulsion systems.

A 30-ton crane returned Orion into the recently renovated altitude chamber where it underwent electromagnetic testing.

The will now undergo a series of tests that will subject it to a near-vacuum environment by removing air, thus creating a space where the pressure is extremely low.

This results in no , similar to the one the spacecraft will experience during future lunar missions.

The data recorded during these tests will be used to qualify the spacecraft to safely fly the Artemis II astronauts through the harsh environment of space.

Provided by NASA

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Image: Tests complete for Orion


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