Warts and all: Researchers reconstruct face of Cro-Magnon man

Warts and all: Researchers reconstruct face of Cro-Magnon man
The reconstructed Cro-Magnon man. Credit: CHARLIER / VISUALFORENSIC / UVSQ / VIA AFP-JIJI

Cro-Magnon man had a face covered in lumps including a large one on his forehead—likely benign tumours caused by a genetic disease, according to a team of French researchers in new findings published Friday.

The skeleton of Cro-Magnon 1, a male Homo sapiens dating back 28,000 years, was discovered in 1868 in the Eyzies cave in France's southwestern Dordogne region.

To mark 150 years since the discovery of the bones, a team of researchers including anthropologist Philippe Charlier reexamined the remains.

At the end of their investigation, "we proposed a new diagnosis: he had suffered from a type of neurofibromatosis," Charlier told AFP.

Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disease which can cause benign tumours to develop in the nervous system, and also spots or areas of pigmentation on the skin.

The team's findings will be published Friday in the The Lancet.

Cro-Magnon man's skull "has a lesion on the forehead which corresponds to the presence of a neurofibroma (a benign nerve sheath tumor)" which has eroded the bone, Charlier said.

"His left ear canal was also damaged, presumably also by a that had grown," he added.

Equipped with this diagnosis, "we have made a realistic reconstruction of the face of this middle-aged man, taking into account his pathology".

The visual forensic reconstruction shows a face covered in tumours, including a large one on the forehead and scores more little nodules across his face, in particular clustered around the mouth, nose and eyes.

"He has them everywhere," Charlier said.

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More information: Philippe Charlier et al. Did Cro-Magnon 1 have neurofibromatosis type 1?, The Lancet (2018). DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(18)30495-1
Journal information: The Lancet

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Mar 30, 2018
PC rubbish with no dna analysis behind it. WHG had dark skin until Middle Eastern settlers introduced light skin into western Europe when they settled it and displaced and assimilated the WHG.

Mar 30, 2018
Them wild and whacky teenager cavemen! Licking the toads to get high.

Mar 31, 2018
Ignore the first comment and the nickname of its author. Both should be banned...

Mar 31, 2018
Anda, I understand your dismay and disgust at brainfrees comments.

However consider why banning the idiot would be a mistake. First, she could return under anonymity and figure more subtle ways of spreading her poisonous ideology.

Second, this site allows a free reign of discussion. Where do you draw the line at what other people are allowed to opinionate?

Third, her bigoted comments reveal a lot more about her pathology than she would want to reveal if she was capable of self-analysis.

Fourth, consider your own responses as an opportunity to present your views in the free market of ideas.

Mar 31, 2018
Takes all kinds to make a world, albeit not a peaceful one. Caucasoethnic or any other ethnic delusions of grandeur based neither on logic nor ability, but simply....just the plain possession of that which cannot be thrown away or covered under cosmetics (as in skin 'color')... are usually possessed by those who lack the abilities conferred by logic, and intelligence! Like Voltaire wrote hundreds of years ago, man is a creature capable of reason. Msr. Voltaire did not say humans would always USE reason. Others have said that, fleshing out the typically Gaullic flair for understatement such that non-intuitive readers would comprehend.
So it becomes understandable the the assumption that 'whitefree' would assume Europe was always 'white'. ALL men came from the one center we know about, Kenya, 72,000 yrs ago. Oldest found human DNA from there. Skin color was always function of body's melatonic skin response over 1000s of yrs to solar UV radiation where he lived

Mar 31, 2018
"Skin color was always function of body's... response... to solar UV radiation..."

That statement is not necessarily correct. Humans are covered with residual body hair. One almost has to assume that being closely related to the other great apes, all of whom are covered by large quantities of body hair that our ancestors were similarly hirsute. This hair was our protection from the radiation. The skin of our closest living relative-- the chimps-- is not black but actually a dirty pink color except for freckling and dark patches that appear on some individuals' faces and hands.
It is therefore logical to assume that early humans were similarly pigmented. After becoming bipedal and venturing under the equatorial sun, darker pigmentation along with sweat glands were selected for. This explains why lighter skin could so quickly re-evolve across obliquely radiated latitudes when ancestral humans reached those regions and required more vitamin D production for ricketts.

Mar 31, 2018
No reason to ban me, everything I've said is the truth. I'm just using the same methods 'whites' have been using against the non-'white' world for decades now, if not centuries, and applying it to 'whites' themselves.

Here are plenty of examples of the types of methods used against the non-'white' world. Look at the political implications it's supposed to have regarding who gets to claim 'ownership' of the land as well as who get to call themselves the 'indigenous' people: https://nationalv...mericas/

Now take the notion of "the first", read this, and apply it to 'whites' themselves: https://www.natur...ure17993

At roughly 20 minutes in David Reich himself explains how the people of Europe and the Middle East were two separate non-related genetic 'clusters' and when "Europeans" their imaginary "war" to the Middle East: https://youtu.be/IZjbp_LepPM

Mar 31, 2018
There are plenty more examples of the nonsense of "the first" too from around the world, the Americas though just seem have the most examples.

So, according to the methods, by having no relation to the first people in Europe, this makes the people there "Europeans" as opposed to Europeans. This also apparently means that the later arrivals took the land from the people that were there before them, which apparently makes it ok to do the same to the "Europeans" of today, and this apparently means that they "wiped" the true Europeans out, which apparently makes it fine to do the same to them today.

Furthermore this apparently also makes Europe the rightful homeland of the "non-white race(s)", which apparently adds to the justification of displacing and assimilating the current "Europeans" of today.

Pretty crazy eh? There's more I could mention but I'll stop there.

Apr 01, 2018
the later arrivals took the land from the people that were there before them, which apparently makes it ok to do the same to the "Europeans" of today, and this apparently means that they "wiped" the true Europeans out
I think this explains everything

-The time for outgrowing and overrunning is over.

Hey did you know Jesus wasn't Caucasian? Did you know that the British royal family are the traditional heirs to the throne of david?

Things to ponder this pesach-

Apr 01, 2018
see Anda? now you have the opportunity to present your critiques of blanckyfree's arguments with reasoned discourse.

For instance you could say "Land belongs to whoever is strong enough to grab it and hold it." Not a Moral answer but a Realist truism.

Or, how about "The Motto of Western Christian Civilization, is and always has been. 'What is mine is mine. What is yours will be mine as soon as I have robbed, raped and murdered you for it'!"

See, dialogue, almost as polite as gossip.

Apr 01, 2018
otto, good points. The descendants of river pirates, who'd bribed their way onto the throne of england. Are the appropriate heirs to assume the crowns of the sheep stealing bandits of israel and judah!

Reminds me of what Samuel Clemens said. About 'Old Glory' the US flag. "That the stripes should be white and black to honor our convict ancestors transported to America. And the field should be the Jolly Roger to honor our piratical ancestry."

Sure brings a lump of pride to this old throat!

Oh wait, that was just phlegm.

Never Mind...

Apr 01, 2018
otto, good points. The descendants of river pirates, who'd bribed their way onto the throne of england. Are the appropriate heirs to assume the crowns of the sheep stealing bandits of israel and judah!
As always GFY Liberace.

Apr 01, 2018
It's ironic, historically and re this thread, that the type individ Cro Magnon was not typical in traits, same as the deformed type Nenderthal.

@Osiris: The current state of the art is that Africans evolved all over the continent 300 kyrs ago, and the Out-of-Africa contingent that today dominate the modern hybrid originated in northern Africa,

Apr 01, 2018
So, the non-science commentary:

@rrvillsj: Apparently there is nothing in the UN declarations of rights that prevent nations from constituting anti-hate laws and suppress bigoted opinions. But the efficacy on social unrest of doing or not doing so has no statistics that I know of.

@awe: I do not understand what you attempt to say. But I have tentatively changed my initial racist "white, free" reading to the equally racist "white-free", my mileage may vary.

In any case, single nucleotide polymorphisms can map all humans to birth location within ~ 100 km radius by principal component analysis. But the dominant component is just 0.1 % of variation, indicating that any and all of these differences explains little else. You can for example not place skin color which seems to be your obsession; mind that if you use PCA gene mapping to confuse biology with social 'race' bigotry there are two "white race" bands on both sides of the equator.

Apr 01, 2018
Off the topic somewhat, but it should be noted that brown-eyed phenotypes possess the dominant genetic factor, so it follows that blue-eyed people emerged before brown-eyed people, and that they are currently in the process of being slowly assimilated by the brownies. Future fully homogenized humans will have nice tans and big asses.

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