Trump moves to lift bans on Arctic drilling

Donald Trump's order calls for a review of Obama-era oil and gas drilling bans with the goal of allowing "responsible devel
Donald Trump's order calls for a review of Obama-era oil and gas drilling bans with the goal of allowing "responsible development of offshore areas"

US President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at lifting bans on drilling for oil and gas in offshore Arctic and Atlantic areas, saying it would pull in "billions of dollars" for America and create jobs.

However, Trump made no mention of the environmental rationale for the bans, brought in by his predecessor Barack Obama.

"Our country's blessed with incredible natural resources, including abundant offshore oil and natural gas reserves, but the federal government has kept 94 percent of these closed for exploration and production," the president said before journalists in the White House.

"This deprives our country of potentially thousands and thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in wealth," he said.

Trump's order calls for a review of the Obama-era bans with the goal of allowing "responsible development of offshore that will bring revenue to our treasury and to our workers."

Obama's indefinite prohibition on new drilling in US waters in the Arctic Ocean off Alaska, including most of the Beaufort and Chukchi seas, and in 31 underwater canyons in the Atlantic Ocean was enacted last December under a 1953 law.

The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act gives the power to withdraw offshore areas from commercial use. Previous presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Bill Clinton also invoked the legislation.

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Apr 28, 2017
Instead of wasting your time protesting this we should insist that a significant portion of this be taxed and diverted to U.S. research into fusion. We are vary close to fusion especially MIT's SPARC using new superconducting magnetic ribbons.
Fusion will eliminate the need for fossil fuels.

Apr 29, 2017
That's a new direction.

So how do you propose that we go about "insisting" that the taxes be spent on fusion research?

I'm totally on board with taxing oil, though. Let's tax the carbon dioxide emissions directly, though.

Apr 29, 2017
Well, if you think protesting has any influence then protest with the goal of making the taxes go towards U.S. fusion research.
, I don't care what we tax as long as it goes towards U.S. fusion research.
Fusion will feed the world. Fusion will water the world. Fusion will heat the world. Fusion will cool the world.
Fusion is the first and biggest step in eliminating poverty and the scarcity of essential needs., for the entire world.
We are so close! We know the physics now, we have the technology now. We just need the money, and I don't mean billions.

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