Individual macromolecule motion in a crowded living cell

The research article embraces the status of the experimental situation and touches obstacles that still hinder the applications of single molecules in the cellular environment.

What's it about?

A on single molecules was drawn upon experimental facts by forming the concept of "The Meaningful Time Tm" acting as a fundamental natural law of single-molecule time resultion of freely diffusing molecules in dilute liquid and live cells (3D normal and anomalous diffusion) as well as in artificial or (2D normal and anomalous diffusion). The physical law corresponds to the novel mathematical equations which we use to describe every single molecule.

It must be made clear that the underlying physics and molecular biochemistry can be modified easily but things hardly get worse when there is any trouble with the mathematics which rules the formulations. We prevailed and yet others did not.

Why is it important?

Because now it is possible to see individual macromolecules moving about in a living cell, we can study chemistry at a single-molecule level and in real life. And this is very important for chemistry because chemistry has traditionally been about studying a large number of and the effect that they have.

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More information: Zeno Foldes-Papp. Individual Macromolecule Motion in a Crowded Living Cell, Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (2015). DOI: 10.2174/1389201016666141229103953
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