Swedish court gives green light to wolf hunters

Three wolves stand in a pen at the Kolmarden Wildlife Park in Norrkoping, Sweden, June 18, 2012
Three wolves stand in a pen at the Kolmarden Wildlife Park in Norrkoping, Sweden, June 18, 2012

Swedish hunters were given the go-ahead Thursday to shoot 36 wolves this winter as animal activists suffer a setback on one of the country's most divisive environmental issues.

The seasonal wolf hunt had been stopped at the last minute by a lower but will go ahead after a Gothenburg appeals court lifted the ban.

"It's a good thing that we will finally get going with managing the in the way that our parliament has decided," Torbjoern Loevbom of the Swedish Hunters Association told AFP.

Activists said that by the time the case heard by a higher court, this season's hunt for 36 wolves—nearly 10 percent of the Swedish pack—will have already ended.

"Even if we win the case in the end, there is a great risk that the wolves will be dead by that point," said Oscar Alarik, a legal counsel with the Swedish Nature Conservation Society, which expects the Swedish hunting policy will eventually be put before an EU court.

But Loevbom responded: "People far removed from reality should not decide how life should be organised for those who are directly affected."

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Jan 16, 2015
Its funny how one minute it is advertised previously as a wolf hunt and made to sound grossly like its for sport and then when finally given the green light by the obscenely corrupted court its to 'Manage' these wolves. Nature doesn't need managing. Humans do. So save the wolves and go hunt some corrupt criminal people. You can start in the parliaments and banking industry. Millions have died globally because of these incompetents mismanagement of affairs.
Wolves have done nothing wrong. Humans are the criminals here.

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