Auroras from space look like green ocean waves in new video

Doesn't this make you want to book a trip on the next spaceship? Stunning footage from space here shows what auroras look like from the International Space Station. So many ripples of green. Such awesomeness.

Video footage that Selmesfilms assembles here on YouTube comes courtesy of NASA Johnson Space Center's earth science and remote sensing unit, based on time-lapse videos.

We've actually been very spoiled lately with light shows from the space station beamed back down to Earth, as you can see in a couple of recent Universe Today articles.

The Sun is near its peak of an 11-year cycle of solar activity, which can include the occasional blast of particles that interact with Earth's magnetic field and upper atmosphere, producing auroras.

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One more absolutely amazing timelapse from the International Space Station

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Nov 13, 2014
Beauty of Earth planet through Plasma-Electromagnetic Phenomena under magnetic Foeld Environment revealed .
Many thanks for this excellent video-Save Earth Planet and Life support

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