Video: Alleged meteor caught on Russian dash cam (again)

Thanks to the ubiquity of dashboard-mounted video cameras in Russia yet another bright object has been spotted lighting up the sky over Siberia, this time a "meteor-like object" seen on the evening of Saturday, Sept. 27.

The video above, shared today by, shows the object as it streaked toward the western horizon over the Kemerovo region of Siberia. Even through the glare of and oncoming car headlights it could easily be seen… as to exactly what it was, that's not yet known. Meteor? Space debris? It's hard to tell. But it doesn't appear to have detonated explosively like the Feb. 2013 Chelyabinsk event or have made any audible sound; it's very unlikely anything remained of the original object to even have reached the ground.


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Source: Universe Today
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