Global warming pioneer calls for CO2 to be taken from atmosphere and stored underground

Wally Broeker, the first person to alert the world to Global Warming, has called for atmospheric CO2 to be captured and stored underground. He says that Carbon Capture, combined with limits on fossil fuel emissions, is the best way to avoid global warming getting out of control over the next fifty years. Professor Broeker (Columbia University, New York) made the call during his presentation to the International Carbon Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland, where 150 scientists are meeting to discuss Carbon Capture and Storage.

He was presenting an analysis which showed that the world has been cooling very slowly, over the last 51 million years, but that human activity is causing a rise in temperature which will lead to problems over the next 100,000 years.

"We have painted ourselves into a tight corner. We can't reduce our reliance of fossil fuels quickly enough, so we need to look at alternatives.

"One of the best ways to deal with this is likely to be – in other words, putting the back where it came from, underground. There has been great progress in capturing carbon from industrial processes, but to really make a difference we need to begin to capture atmospheric CO2. Ideally, we could reach a stage where we could control the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, like you control your central heating. Continually increasing CO2 levels means that we will need to actively manage CO2 levels in the environment, not just stop more being produced. The technology is proven, it just needs to be brought to a stage where it can be implemented.

Wally Broeker was speaking at the International Carbon Conference in Reykjavik, where 150 scientists are meeting to discuss how best CO2 can be removed from the atmosphere as part of a programme to reduce .

Meeting co-convener Professor Eric Oelkers (University College London and University of Toulouse) commented:

"Capture is now at a crossroads; we have proven methods to store carbon in the Earth but are limited in our ability to capture this carbon directly from the atmosphere. We are very good at capturing carbon from factories and power stations, but because roughly two-thirds of our carbon originates from disperse sources, implementing direct air capture is key to solving this global challenge".

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More information: The international Carbon Conference takes place in Reykjavik, Iceland, from 25-29 August 2014. Conference website, … rbon-conference-2014
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Aug 28, 2014
The planet captures CO2 in various ways. Acidification of the oceans is growing as the capture of CO2 rises in the water. Trees held a great deal of CO2 but we have chopped and burned down a huge percentage of them. Fossil Fuel companies have bribed politicians in the USA for many years and used Charlatan Scientists to lie about Global Warming, most notably Exxon Mobil. Capturing huge amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere sounds great in theory but how quickly can the technology be implemented and will it be run by mega corporations?

When Ronald Reagan removed the solar panels off the White House the statement was clear, alternative green/clean energy would be cast aside. During Carter
the Sen. Paul SImon Federal Building in Carbondale Illinois built in 1978 was a template of how to build an energy efficient building.http://www.gsa.go...t/103985
somehow that was all crushed by the Combustion Fossil Fuel Giants. Now LEED building is
all the rage. It just took 35 years.

Aug 28, 2014
And in this news; @Antigoretoad continues his crusade to doom the earth with his ignorance as another warning to mankind is made by experts in the field!

Way to go @Antigoretoady! You nailed the lies science has made right to the wall!

Aug 28, 2014
@antigoracle: Unproved allegations, nothing more. Like so much denier crap, it falls apart under even cursory examination.

First off, the data in question was US only, and barely relevant to *global* warming. Second, Goddard offers zero proof of his claims - no evidence that the data record is inaccurate, and certainly no evidence that the data was deliberately falsified. Just his own opinion, which is hardly unbiased.

Aug 29, 2014
Hypothetically, let's assume we do put forth what would be a massive effort to capture and store CO2. Staggering level of investment, huge amount of resources, infrastructure. Across the world (assuming countries would ever agree on who's responsible, who would pay). An entire new industry, that would likely evolve into something that bureaucratically works largely to ensure its own survival.

As the world's energy appetite increases, our easy solution will then always be to burn more stuff and then suck more CO2 out of the air. Burn, burn, burn. Coal, oil, trees, crops. The likelihood we would still put forth the effort to replace our energy sources with some new, non-carbon technology? Low.

Aug 31, 2014
It will have to be the Democrats leading on this. Professor Broeker makes a pretty convincing claim; "We have painted ourselves into a tight corner. We can't reduce our reliance of fossil fuels quickly enough, so we need to look at alternatives" .. and Carbon capture is one of those ways. Sadly, we have to acknowledge our humanness for a desire for easy things. Burning fossil fuels for heating, driving engines, etc is a hard habit to kick for 11 billion people with needs.

So carbon capture is a vital necessary option to keep the world from burning itself out. Political realities, it's the Democrats that are leading on this with funding of the science, engineering it will take to do carbon capture. Eventually it will be a massive government/private initiative that implements and commercializes these emergency effort, Stimulating jobs and the economy while saving the planet.

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