White House pushes climate change efforts

May 6, 2014
Senior White House counselor John Podesta speaks during the daily briefing at the White House on May 5, 2014 in Washington

The White House will focus this week on its efforts fighting climate change as a new environmental assessment is released, an official said Monday, amid pushback from a reticent Congress.

The president will give televised interviews with various meteorologists Tuesday to discuss the findings in the third US National Climate Assessment, said special advisor John Podesta.

The assessment "will be the most authoritative and comprehensive source of ever produced about how climate change is going to impact all regions of the United States and key sectors of the national economy," Podesta said Monday during a daily White House press briefing.

Drought in the state of California, prairie fires in Oklahoma and rising ocean levels on the east coast, particularly in Florida, are all examples of its effect on the environment, he said.

"Hundreds of the best climate scientists from across the US, not just in the public sector but in private sector as well, have worked over the last four years to produce this report," he said.

The assessment is meant to provide "usable knowledge that state and local decision-makers can take advantage of" when facing climate-change challenges, Podesta added.

The fight against climate change figured prominently among Obama's campaign promises during his 2008 presidential bid, but the issue was relegated to the back burner after a bill failed in Congress early in his first term, when Democrats still held both houses.

Republicans, who now hold a majority in the House of Representatives, reject new federal laws on emissions, which they say harm growth and employment.

And Democrats from states that are heavily dependent on fossil fuels, such as oil-rich Louisiana and coal-rich West Virginia, have also come out against a transition to green energy.

During his January 28 State of the Union address, Obama reiterated that is real and promised unilateral action, without Congress, to promote his energy agenda.

The administration has already taken regulatory measures, in particular in introducing tougher federal standards for vehicles.

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1.7 / 5 (12) May 06, 2014
32 years of science's criminal "95%" certainty that THE END IS NEAR for billions of innocent children is anything you WANT to be.
Deniers demand 100% certainty from science not a mob of "believers".
Eddy Courant
2.1 / 5 (10) May 06, 2014
I've never voted Republican before. Because they're idiots. But they're right on this. Take your gloom and doom and locusts everywhere and shove it up your
2.1 / 5 (11) May 06, 2014
"Obama reiterated that climate change is real "
Big lies need a bit of truth.
Climate has been changing for MILLIONS of years
3.9 / 5 (7) May 06, 2014
"Obama reiterated that climate change is real "
Big lies need a bit of truth.
Climate has been changing for MILLIONS of years

Your statement is blindingly obvious - 5 gold stars and go to the top of the class.

But only in the last ~150 years because of mankind.
4.2 / 5 (5) May 06, 2014
The fact that change is occurring constantly was never the issue. It's the rate of change that's new. Please step to the front of the class for your dunce cap, soggyring2.
1.6 / 5 (7) May 06, 2014
It's the rate of change that's new.

For the past 3 BILLION years, climate has NEVER changed faster than now?
1.6 / 5 (7) May 06, 2014
150/3,000,000,000 = .00000005.
So in less than .000005 % of the time the earth has existed, climate has NEVER changed faster?
3.7 / 5 (6) May 07, 2014
The formation of the Isthmus of Panama occurred only 4.5 million years ago. Prior to that ocean circulation patterns were vastly different and what happened prior has less relevance to current conditions. But yes, you're right, there certainly were times in the past where the rate of climate change exceeded the current one. Like the asteroid hit that gave the coup de grâce to the dinosaurs. Exactly what's so awesome about rapid climate change?
1 / 5 (3) May 07, 2014
It's the rate of change that's new.

With statements like this one may begin to think AGWites support the theory that the earth is 4000 years old.
what happened prior has less relevance to current conditions.

what's so awesome about rapid climate change

It's happened before and you don't don't why and if it's happening again you still don't know why. And if you don't know why, you don't know how to make climate do what you want.
Rapid climate change is a part of nature and if life can't adapt it dies.
Aren't all AGWites nature worshipers, too? It's not nice to mess with nature.

1 / 5 (3) May 07, 2014
since the government is the biggest user of energy why don't they just decrease their energy usage by 40% next year?
Oh wait... I read Animal Farm, now I'm living it.
1 / 5 (4) May 07, 2014
It's the rate of change that's new.

So this is a lie/propaganda.
The rate of change is not new.
1 / 5 (2) May 10, 2014
"Well, here are five reasons voters don't believe what the White House says on climate change:

1. Overreach. The White House doesn't just want it both ways, it wants it every way. "
"2. Hypocrisy. Voters notice that the founding father of the global warming movement, Al Gore, has become fabulously wealthy by selling out to Middle Eastern oil and gas interests."
"3. The global warming cause fits too nicely with the president's left-wing political agenda. "
"4. A lack of faith in foreign cooperation. "
"5. This administration lacks credibility."

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