Calif. finds more instances of offshore fracking

The oil production technique known as fracking has been occurring on offshore platforms and man-made islands off some of Southern California's most populous coastal communities.

Interviews and drilling records obtained by The Associated Press show fracking has occurred at least 200 times over the past two decades in waters off Long Beach, Seal Beach and Huntington Beach.

Though there is no evidence offshore has led to any spills or chemical leaks, the practice occurs with little state or federal oversight of the operations

The state agency that leases lands and waters to oil companies says officials found new instances of fracking after searching records as part of a review after the AP reported this summer about fracking in of California.

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Calif. panel launches probe into offshore fracking

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Oct 19, 2013
"Oil companies are fracking California's beautiful coastal waters with dangerous chemicals, and federal officials seem barely aware of the dangers," said Miyoko Sakashita, an attorney and director of the Center's oceans program. "We need an immediate halt to offshore fracking before chemical pollution or an oil spill poisons the whales and other wildlife that depend on California's rich coastal waters.""

-Whales know very well to stay away from these waters as they are already full of dangerous chemicals.

Coal Oil Point seep field
"One exxon valdez every 5-7 years"

-Tapping these deposits and consuming them may actually reduce the amount seeped into the environment.

Oct 19, 2013
They've been drilling off southern California beaches for decades. There isn't anything underhanded here. Fracking is just horizontal drilling. Its been around for a very long time.

Oct 19, 2013
Along La Brea avenue in Los Angeles houses have developed cracks in their foundations due to oil company fracking

Oct 19, 2013
La Brea avenue... oil company fracking

""We've always suspected it was them," Harris said, eyeing their neighbor to the west — the Inglewood Oil Field"


"...there exists a reasonable basis for assuming that the surface movements in the northern Baldwin Hills are simply manifestations of this apparently continuing [tectonic] activity...The earth cracking and associated fault displacements are much more readily attributed to tectonic activity than are the differential subsidence and radially oriented horizontal movements..."

-Although I must admit this 1975 study does conclude:

"...all the recent surface movements recognized in the Baldwin Hills are due largely or entirely to
operations in the Inglewood oil field."

-But they do say that tectonics complicate the analysis. Wonder what they would say now? The area is under enormous stress and ready to blow.

-Seepage will only increase yes?

Oct 19, 2013
Calif. finds more instances of offshore fracking

Good. Carry on, and do so with alacrity.

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