Techie fired after Tweeting about men's comments

(AP)—A female technology developer has been fired after tweeting about a group of men she said were making sexual comments at a Silicon Valley technology conference.

Adria Richards wrote on her blog,, that she was seated in a ballroom at the conference in Santa Clara on Sunday when the men behind her started talking about "big dongles."

A dongle is a device that plugs into a computer, but Richards said the men made the comment in a sexual way.

She turned around, took a photo of the men and posted it on with their alleged comments.

The men were later escorted from the room by conference staff.

Richards, reached Friday by The Associated Press, said she couldn't comment. But she confirmed her blog and tweets and reports that she's been fired.

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Mar 22, 2013
He said "dongle" in menacingly humorous manner. Thank God she documented the pervert so he can be added to a sex offender registry. And thankfully security responded in time for the crime fighter to get away with her crucial evidence of this monstrous barbarity. Now we must picket the tech company for re-victimizing the heroic little girl.

Mar 22, 2013
On twitter the French Jews will find you

Mar 22, 2013
I've got a big dongle with a couple trojans in it that's all set for her backdoor.
Do I get thrown off the internets now?

Mar 22, 2013
Why Asking What Adria Richards Could Have Done Differently Is The Wrong Question


Mar 22, 2013
It goes the other way too.

Never be alone in a room with women (except your wife anyway) without another guy as a witness, because you WILL get screwed, and not in a good way.

Mar 22, 2013
All she did was post their pictures with the comments.

She didn't condemn them or pass any judgment. Describing their comments as sexual in nature is descriptive, not judgmental, unless you think sex is dirty and disgusting.

So then she gets fired.

The people who fired her in doing so prove her point ironically.

If what she posted was so offensive that it shouldn't have been shared, then those guys shouldn't have been saying it.

Mar 22, 2013
She mostly outed herself as a thin skinned maniac willing to interpret anything a man said as having an offensive sexual connotation. I wouldn't want her working for me, either. She creates a totally toxic environment doing this sort of foolishness. The French call people like her "skinned cats".

Mar 23, 2013
Perhaps the real problem is the listeners desire to take the comments to a lower level then the speaker intended. Also appears that her mind set is looking for fault with men regardless of the innocence of the comment. It looks like her own lewd and lascivious thinking created the problem along with grouping all men into a very low character category. So, who really was guilty of lewdness? It appears and seems that her lowly thinking and negative expectancy of men in general with her fault finding agenda points to her and her alone for creating a problem where one does no exist.

Mar 23, 2013
Typical third-tier American woman making Silicon Valley even more of a sexual wasteland. I was in a cafe there and dykes entered. The bartista came over to me while I was sipping my latte and announced that I should perhaps leave the facility. The dykes have a weekly meeting at the cafe where they express their disgust of all men and hatred of having to work along side those with a penis. Having a penis is seen as rape by these emasculating, fanatic shrews. Yet more pathetic was the bartista selling out men to these wenches. Perhaps he is their gelding. Plenty of lady boys make Silicon Valley their home

Of course San Francisco has freaks of all natures. But this cafe is next door to a COMPUTER STORE in San Jose which has 98% male customers. Then again perhaps technology and testosterone was irresistible to the dyke swarm

Mar 23, 2013
This is a whole chain of stupidity. Adria should have shrugged it off, but posting it on twitter is an assholish thing to do and a huge overreaction. The "dongle guy" shouldnt have been fired over such petty BS, and I think thats where the biggest asshole of this situation is hiding, the one who fired the guy. In the end Adria should have apologised or express regret over his firing, if she had some decency.

Mar 23, 2013
My comment about ladyboys apparently offended Phyorg's resident lite. Sorry lite. Your secret is safe with the Gay Area dykes

Also my apologies to the French Jews stalking twitter users. I now realize questioning your noble motives is bad form. Your pressure tactics have crushed my soul and I realize that questions are the path to the dark side

Also my apologies to the Silicon Valley ladyboys is in order. You provide a necessary and valuable lifestyle alternative to the emasculating shrews which troll the Python conferences

Mar 23, 2013
There are plenty of pathetic little girls out there who never grow up to become women and there are plenty of pathetic little boys who never grow up to become men. Such pathetic adult-children should be mocked and ridiculed, NOT coddled and praised.

EVERY woman that I know would have been embarrassed to even consider eavesdropping on the conversations of men they don't know regardless of how loud they were. However, if the men were intentionally catcalling and harassing ladies, then the women I know are feminine and womanly enough to embarrass them into stopping.

I would have fired the pathetic little female child too. The last thing I need in a business are children who create conflict out of nothing. The 2nd to last thing I need in a business are children that can't handle conflict like an adult.

Mar 23, 2013
Why Asking What Adria Richards Could Have Done Differently Is The Wrong Question

BS. You start by questioning why she was eavesdropping on other people's private conversations. It was none of her business regardless of how she feels about the topic. If she wants to confront it directly and risk getting exposed for eavesdropping then that is her choice. However, to covertly take photo's of someone else's private conversation just because you don't like the content and then post the pictures and a transcript of the conversation in a public forum is public disclosure of private facts and is related to defamation of character, except that the truth of the information does not provide a shield for her because the overriding concern is the invasion of privacy that she perpetrated. She should be sued. I hope she will be.

Mar 25, 2013
Adria Richards was at a tech conference when, during a presentation that was about women coders no less, a couple of guys behind her started cracking suggestive jokes.
The guys were clearly in the wrong. They were being rude, distracting, and trying to assert their dudely privilege in one of the few moments granted women during a conference dominated by men. So Richards turned, snapped their picture, and tweeted it to the conference organizers, asking them to handle it.
This was a measured response. It wasn't a blast of anger, it was a request that the conference enforce its code of conduct. It disrupted the meeting less than a couple of chattering smart-asses did. This is exactly what we should want people to do: polite confrontation through appropriate channels.

The conference organizers also did exactly what they were supposed to do: they called the two men aside and asked them to stop and behave themselves.

Mar 25, 2013
(continued) -I assume the two men also reacted appropriately. There are no tales of angry shouting or rejection of the admonishment. I charitably presume that they were chagrined and a little embarrassed, nothing more.

First, one of the men pictured in Richards's photographs was fired from his job (his company was one of the sponsors of PyCon). Firing one of the men over a brief incident of inappropriate behavior: totally inappropriate and excessive.

NB: Richards did NOT call for him to be fired, nor did she celebrate the decision.
Nonetheless, Richards's company SendGrid—NOT the company that fired the dude—was subject to a DDoS attack courtesy of 4chan (their express purpose was to "ruin her life"). She's also been subjected to the usual avalanche of violent harassment and rape threats that descends upon any woman who dares to criticize male-dominated tech culture

Richards has been called practically every name under the sun.

Mar 25, 2013
Some Twitter commenters demanded she kill herself. A 4chan user allegedly released Richards's personal information.
But few reactions were more disturbing than this one, sent to her Wednesday evening: a photo of a bloody, beheaded woman, bound and stripped, with the caption "when Im done." Next to it was a home address and phone number, ostensibly Richards's.


First advice: Check the facts before goind nuts.
Second: No one at that conference did anything that required firing. Not the two men and *certainly not* the woman.
Third: An argument over what is inappropriate behaviour in a conference is NOT an excuse for rape threats, nor an excuse for murder threats.

Mar 25, 2013
Addendum: Here is a recent comment from Freethoughtblogs, with which I agree:

"Although I also have to say that while the two guys may have exhibited momentary jerkiness, so have we all at some time or another. And they don't seem to have contributed at all to the *ssholes freaking out at Adria Richards — in fact, at least one of them seems to have done the right thing and apologized, and acted like a grownup."

-Also, the company that fired one of the men stated it was not only because the incident at the conference.

This leaves the storm of hate mail targeting Richardson. I suppose those who write them do it as a knee-jerk reaction, -rather like those who react angrily to any mention of gays, or global warming- without pausing to think if their response is at all appropriate.
Adressing them is as futile as telling a conspiracy theorist he is wrong.

Mar 25, 2013
A female technology developer has been fired after tweeting about a group of men she said were making sexual comments at a Silicon Valley technology conference.

Good, that's a totally infantile, vindictive, and inappropriate way to handle the situation.

Mar 25, 2013
What's a dongle?

Mar 26, 2013


When it blew up someone posted it on 4chan or somewhere. So immature trolling was to be expected.

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