Ships, planes attack major Shell oil spill off Nigeria

December 23, 2011
An aerial view taken in 2008 off the coast of Nigeria, south of Lagos, shows the FPSO (Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading) Bonga unit. Shell on Friday deployed ships with dispersants and planes in a bid to mop up one of Nigeria's worst offshore oil spills in recent years, a spokesman said, amid fears it could soon reach the shoreline.

Shell on Friday deployed ships with dispersants and planes in a bid to mop up one of Nigeria's worst offshore oil spills in recent years, a spokesman said, amid fears it could soon reach the shoreline.

A Shell spokesman in Nigeria said five vessels and two aircraft had been deployed to attack the oil slick, with the company estimating the amount of the spill at its Bonga field at less than 40,000 barrels.

The leak has been stopped since the company became aware of it on Tuesday.

"Investigation is going on," Tony Okonedo said. Asked whether ships had been deployed as planned on Friday, he said, "Five vessels, two aircraft ... oil spill response specialists and other personnel are involved."

The company says the slick has been thinning and breaking up, but the information was difficult to verify independently.

Shell became aware of the leak Tuesday at its Bonga field some 120 kilometres off Nigeria, Africa's largest oil producer and an OPEC member. Production has halted at the field, which has a capacity of 200,000 barrels per day.

The company said the source of the leak was a flexible line linking a production vessel to a tanker.

It was Nigeria's worst offshore spill since a 1998 Mobil incident, officials said, though onshore leaks have been estimated at levels far worse since that time in the oil-producing Niger Delta.

SkyTruth, using satellite imagery from Wednesday morning it published on its website, estimated the slick was 70 kilometres long and 17 kilometres wide at its widest.

It said it covered 923 square kilometres (356 square miles) of ocean.

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1 / 5 (5) Dec 23, 2011
satellite imagery estimates the slick was 70 kilometres long and 17 kilometres wide at its widest

It is great that satellite technology provides such useful information on environmental spills!

Here is a Christmas message of Hope for everyone facing the economic turmoils and fears that Al Gore, the UN, and world leaders promoted:


That message was posted on leading climate blogs:


Together with a reminder that world leaders are totally powerless over the forces of nature:


Or as my late brother-in-law might have said,

"Big Brother's Butt!"

Best wishes for the Holidays and the New Year!

Today all is well,
Oliver K. Manuel
5 / 5 (1) Dec 23, 2011

Today all is well,
Oliver K. Manuel

We all hope so, but don't you agree that if everyone knew the reality of the universe and the nature of our existence we would need to change so radically and quickly it would no doubt result in extra damage to our ecosystem?

Really boggles my mind that CO2 and all related emissions (basically all anthropocentric emissions) are still increasing with no end in sight.

For christmas give the dang planet a break and turn of all your f$%##$g electronics and give only your contentment for the gift giving holidays..........or go blow up an old toy with dynamite, video tape it and put it on youtube.....your choice.
3 / 5 (2) Dec 26, 2011
Oliver, do you not know of phase 2 of the plan? see kissinger and nixon knew about neutron repulsion and it being the main source of the suns and the universes power but chairman mao did not. as the world all followed their lead in the conspiracy they said it was to prevent nuclear war. however under the guise of that the united states had different reasons. as the climatoligists/scientists destroy our economy and power while funneling money to third world nations for supportung the scam the chinese will soon grow too strong and overpopulated for anyone but the us to even have a chance of stopping the chinese from taking over the world, at that moment neutron repulsion will be officially "discovered" and cheap easy neutron repulsion energy will be used both to power production of weapons and supplies and as weapons of mass destruction themselves in neutron repulsion bombs. saving the united states and allowing us to finally take over the whole world without looking like the bad guys...

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