Discovery's Next Launch Attempt Early Friday

Discovery's Next Launch Attempt Early Friday
Space shuttle Discovery stands on Launch Pad 39A on Tuesday evening after the second launch attempt was called off because of a problem with a fill-and-drain valve. Photo credit: NASA TV

NASA has targeted the next launch attempt for space shuttle Discovery for no earlier than 12:22 a.m. EDT Friday, Aug. 28, from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Wednesday's launch attempt was postponed after an indication that a valve in the shuttle's main propulsion system failed to perform as expected during fueling of the shuttle's external fuel tank.

NASA managers officially postponed Wednesday's launch attempt because of uncertainty about whether a valve that was commanded to be closed actually was closed. The valve is associated with the fill and drain plumbing of the main propulsion system within the shuttle's aft compartment.

The mission management team will meet at noon on Thursday, Aug. 27, to discuss the troubleshooting results and decide whether to continue with a launch attempt. The tanking weather briefing will follow at 2:15 p.m.

Discovery's 13-day STS-128 flight to the will deliver storage racks; materials and fluids science racks; a freezer to store research samples; a new sleeping compartment; an air purification system; and a treadmill named after comedian .

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