ASUS Introduces Silent Knight II CPU Cooler for Quad-Core Processors

ASUS Introduces Silent Knight II CPU Cooler for Quad-Core Processors

Catering to users who require a efficient way to keep CPU temperatures cool, ASUS today announced the Silent Knight II CPU cooler that utilizes 100% copper for its fins, base and heat pipes; and dynamic fan speed control to deliver efficient heat dissipation for the latest quad-core processors. The Silent Knight II offers quiet performance and a unique design that includes a blue LED for a peaceful computing environment as well as a stylish system interior.

The Silent Knight II is an all-copper CPU cooling solution that utilizes the natural heat conducting properties of copper. With its large heat exchange area, lightweight design to relieve stress on the motherboard, and six curved heat pipes to efficiently transfer heat to the fins, processor temperature is always maintained at levels most suitable for high-performance and reliable computing.

Additionally, the Silent Knight II also incorporates a PWM function fan that automatically modulates fan speeds according to the CPU temperature and delivers a quiet cooling at a mere 25dBA.

The Silent Knight II supports the Intel’s Core2 Extreme series, Pentium D Dual-Core CPU, Pentium 4 LGA775 processors; as well as the AMD’s Socket AM2/940/939/754, Athlon 64-FX, AthlonTM and SempronTM processors – making it ready for the latest and most powerful computing platforms in the market today.

The voltage regulation shield inside the cooler directs airflow created by the 9cm LED fan to surrounding VRM (voltage regulation modules) that are critical to processor operations and overall system reliability. This unique design effectively reduces VRM temperature by 10-15°C – allowing for smooth and stable operations.

Source: ASUS

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