Proposed moose relocation draws debate

A proposed relocation plan for orphaned moose calves from the Alaska Moose Federation's Gary Olsen has received both a grant and criticism from officials.

The Anchorage Daily News reported the plan to move the calves from Anchorage to a less-populated area in rural Alaska has been awarded a $50,000 state grant, but the federation cannot use the funds due to alleged problems cited by state officials.

The officials say they believe the federation's proposal would not be feasible since the calves likely could survive the move to a less hospitable area or that such calves don't even exist, the newspaper said.

"This resource is too precious of a renewable resource to waste," Olsen said in response to the criticisms. "I don't think it's wise to point fingers and say this doesn't happen. We've probably turned down a good 20-plus calves because the program isn't ready yet."

Until the federation creates a more solid plan to deal with the calves it will not be allowed to use the financial government grant, the Daily News said.

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