Briefs: Mobile-phone shipments falter

Global shipments of mobile handsets in 2005 fell 16.7 percent from a year ago to 7.5 million units, a study found Thursday.

Information-technology research group IDC said in a report that sales for the fourth quarter alone were 2.2 million, down over 18 percent from the same period a year ago.

"Vendors with a global footprint still lead the worldwide market, but more and more, vendors with a multi- or even a single region focus have earned top five worldwide status with their focused shipment distribution," said Ramon Llamas, research analyst at the mobile markets group. "The departure of other worldwide vendors has opened the door for smaller vendors to improve their position within the market. During the course of the year, several smaller vendors remained within striking distance of beating each other for the number four or five position, and even posed a challenge to some of the worldwide vendors," he added.

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