NetLogic launches 10 Gbps content processor

A Silicon Valley company has launched a content processor that is the first capable of networking and security functions at a sizzling 10 gigabits per second.

NetLogic Microsystems in Mountain View said its NLS1000 processor is designed for recognition tasks involved in network packet inspection and will remove potential bottlenecks in network operation.

The NLS1000 processor will be part of a new family of processors dubbed the NETL7. Applications will be primarily in the enterprise and carrier-class network sector.

NetLogic Marketing Director Kelvin Khoo said the market for such security functions is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the industry.

"The ability to perform full content inspection at 10 Gbps line rate and across multiple packets is essential to enabling the next generation of application-layer switches, routers, and network security equipment," said Khoo. "By accelerating the most demanding processing tasks, the NLS1000 minimizes bottlenecks typically associated with content inspection."

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