Science association applauds ID ruling

The executive publisher of the journal Science Tuesday applauded a federal judge's decision concerning teaching of "intelligent design."

Alan Leshner, chief executive officer of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, commented on the ruling from Harrisburg (Pa.) U.S. District Judge John Jones III that found the teaching of intelligent design in high school biology class in a Dover (Pa.) school district unconstitutional.

The theory claims biological life is too complex to have developed without intelligent direction.

"We are heartened by Judge Jones' decision, which recognizes that intelligent design was injected into Dover's 9th grade biology classes for religious reasons rather than scientific reasons. And on behalf of the entire U.S. scientific community, we are grateful for the courage of science teachers and parents in Dover, who worked so hard and took such risks to preserve the integrity of science education in our public schools, said Leshner.

He also said the AAAS hopes the decision will discourage efforts to introduce intelligent design into science classes in other communities.

"We should stick to teaching science in science classes -- that's best for our students, and best for the long-term scientific and economic strength of our nation," Leshner said

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