Cingular ties up with MobiTV

Cingular Wireless and MobiTV launched Monday a mobile music service delivered to handsets.

The mobile-phone carrier joined forces with the mobile television and radio provider so that Cingular customers will be able to listen to over 40 digital music channels on their phones.

"The mobile phone is a device that many people have with them all the time. Giving Cingular customers virtually anytime, anywhere access to their favorite music, without the need to carry an extra device, is the ultimate in convenience and surely a music lover's dream," Jim Ryan, vice president, consumer data services at Cingular, said in a news release.

MobiRadio on Cingular is currently available on the Nokia 6620 and the Sony Ericsson S710 and Z500a but will be available on additional handsets soon, Cingular said. The cost is $6.99 a month plus kilobyte usage.

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