Podcasting book hits bookstores

Stephanie Ciccarelli announced Tuesday the release of her ook, "ThePodcastingEbook: Your Complete Guide to Podcasting."
Main features include how to create, record, publish and promote a podcast. Readers will also find valuable product reviews, podcast directories and tools to help them evaluate their podcasts.

The author said in a release that aspiring podcasters will learn how to brand and create a vision for their podcast, write scripts for podcast episodes and select basic elements for their podcast such as music, sound effects and voice-over.

ThePodcastingEbook also teaches readers how to record, edit, mix and master a podcast that they can submit to podcast directories and aggregators such as iTunes, iPodderX and Odeo Syncr. Extensive coverage of the art of promoting a podcast and samples of both RSS code and a news release template are just a couple of the gems tucked into ThePodcastingEbook, providing podcasters with a turnkey solution to get them going.

"ThePodcastingEbook is more than just a getting started guide, it's a podcaster's companion from start to finish," Ciccarelli said. "ThePodcastingEbook is designed to empower podcasters and bring their businesses to the next level."

She added that readers will learn how to evaluate their podcast and assess their efforts, finding opportunities to grow their podcasts and diagnose areas that need improvement.

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