ProMOS Debuts First 90nm Silicon with High Yield

ProMOS Technologies today announced that the first pilot lot by 90nm stack technology node at ProMOS 300mm Fab 3 has successfully wafered out with yield above 60%. ProMOS is the very first Taiwan DRAM company to achieve this breakthrough with high yield on the pilot wafers. This superior performance showcases ProMOS’ excellence in technological advancement and marks a significant milestone in leading-edge 90nm process technology.

This is the first pilot product of 512Mb DRAM by 90nm stack process technology at ProMOS 300mm Fab 3. With completion of functional test on July 8, 2005, the yielding die of 512Mb DRAM also demonstrates the first chip out by 90nm process technology at ProMOS 300mm Fab 3.

Since groundbreaking construction commencement in April 2004, the first wafer has already shown impressed yield performance at 300mm Fab 3 within 14 months, further illustrating ProMOS’ fab operating efficiency and technological competency.

Based on this preliminary success, ProMOS will continue the manufacturing process and product verifications according to the planned schedule. Projected wafer starts of 15K/month and 30k/month are to be executed by Q106 and Q406, respectively.

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