Tune In And Enjoy The Ride

June 8, 2005

For TV-loving road warriors, leaving home often means leaving their favorite shows behind. But just in time for the busy summer travel season – the Travel Industry Association (TIA) predicts a record-breaking 328 million trips will be taken from June to August – millions of people will now be able to hit the road, rails or friendly skies with their favorite TV shows in tow. TiVo Inc., Microsoft and Intel Corporation today announced that the TiVoToGo feature is now available nationwide for the first time on Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Centers, powered by Intel Mobile Media Technology, and select Windows Mobile-based Smartphones and PocketPCs.

Select American Airlines customers will be among the first to try out the latest summer travel technology with free Portable Media Centers loaded with TiVo content via a chartered flight on June 8, 2005, hosted by American Airlines, TiVo, Microsoft and Intel. Additionally, Microsoft and TiVo are launching the "Summer of Mobility" program, in which one lucky person each day will win a mobile entertainment package consisting of one Portable Media Center and one TiVo set top box. The giveaways will begin on the first official day of summer – June 21– through Labor Day 2005. Participants can register on www.TiVo.com beginning June 21, and TiVo will select a winner randomly each day.

Sitting in the Driver Seat

According to the TIA, air travel is expected to increase four percent over last summer. Further, The Independent Traveler magazine anticipates this Fourth of July weekend to be one of the biggest travel weekends in at least five years. With the latest mobile entertainment options now available, the dreaded "Are we there yet?" syndrome among the millions of travelers this summer is sure to take a much-needed hiatus.

In addition to any Windows XP laptop, for the first time, travelers will have the ability to transfer their favorite shows stored on their TiVo® Series2™ digital video recorders to a Windows XP PC for playback on Windows Mobile devices such as Portable Media Centers and newer Smartphones and PocketPCs. This extension of the TiVoToGo service will provide travelers the flexibility to watch their favorite shows whenever and wherever they want, with more options for enjoying entertainment on a variety of mobile devices.

“TiVo has always been at the forefront of putting consumers in charge of their entertainment experience,� said Matt Wisk, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, TiVo. “Now, by extending the TiVoToGo service to support multiple Windows Mobile-based devices and more, TiVo is enabling our subscribers to watch their favorite TV shows whenever and wherever they want. TiVo and its valued partners will continue to deliver an entertainment experience unmatched by generic cable or satellite DVRs (digital video recorders).�

“It's exciting to see our vision of digital entertainment anywhere come to life in partnership with TiVo and Intel,� said John Pollard, senior director of Windows Mobile Applications and Services Marketing at Microsoft Corp. “With the launch of TiVoToGo , we are able to deliver even more content options on more Windows Mobile-based devices such as Portable Media Centers and newer Smartphones and PocketPCs, making this summer more enjoyable for people wherever their travels may take them."

“Intel Mobile Media Technology, which provides the brains for most Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Centers, helps put a rich mobile entertainment experience in the palm of the traveler's hand to enjoy in a plane, car, commuter train or waiting room,� said Tad Hetu, director, Consumer Electronic Platforms, Cellular and Handheld Group, Intel.

American Airlines' Customers Get Early Taste of Latest Entertainment Devices

Select American Airlines customers will be among the first to take their TVs into flight by trying out the latest summer travel technology via a chartered flight on June 8, hosted by American Airlines, TiVo, Microsoft and Intel. These customers will be able to enjoy their favorite TV shows on Portable Media Centers, loaded with TiVo content via the expanded TiVoToGo service.

“American Airlines is proud to play host to this significant technology announcement from TiVo, Microsoft and Intel,� said Billy Sanez, corporate communications manager,American Airlines. “These companies are leaders in their respective fields, so it only makes sense that the world's largest airline would serve as the backdrop to this new mobile entertainment announcement.�

According to Sanez, American Airlines is in the business of mobility and understands the needs of today's tech-savvy customers. “With services such as Wi-Fi hot spots, e-ticketing, online and cell phone check-in, flight status notification, self-service check-in and more, American is dedicated to providing customers the tools and technologies to simplify their lives and make today's flight experience easier than ever,� he said.

The Sky's the Limit

In addition to the expanded TiVoToGo services on the various portable devices, TiVo subscribers may also take advantage of the new Humax 40-hour DVD recorder, which is now available at retail stores nationwide, as well as MyDVD Studio 6.1 software from Sonic. Both products enable consumers to securely burn TV shows recorded on a TiVo DVR to DVD for playback on any of the millions of DVD players and DVD-equipped PCs worldwide.

Want It, Need It, Gotta Have It

These new mobile entertainment offerings are based on the consumers' desire to take the TV out of the living room and enjoy it on the go. Consider the following statistics:

-- According to the Consumer Electronics Association, 4.3 million households intend to purchase a mobile video system this year.
-- IDC projects worldwide growth of the portable multimedia player market for 2006 at 200 percent.
-- In-Stat/MDR says video on mobile phones will become a $5.4 billion market by 2009.
-- When it comes to enjoying entertainment in automobiles, Edmunds.com – a leading automotive Web site – reports that 26 percent of cars on the market will offer DVD players as an option in 2005, and 40 percent will include DVD players by 2010.

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