Teleport Offers Managed Network Services To iDirect VSAT Network Operators

HERNDON, Va., June 16 (SPX) -- iDirect Technologies announced Wednesday Teleport Services International (TSI) has launched its iNOC Managed Network Service for satellite Network Operators (NOs) and Virtual Network Operators (VNOs) that use iDirect's advanced VSAT network systems.

TSI's 24/7 Internet Network Operations Center (iNOC) interconnects to a NOs iDirect VSAT Hub via redundant VPN links, to provide reliable, real-time, network management, performance measurement, diagnostics and end user "help desk" functions.

Stuart Browne, TSI's CEO said, "By outsourcing their VSAT network management operations to TSI, iDirect NOs and VNOs can reduce their start-up costs and operational expenses without sacrificing reliability, network management capability or end user support. TSI offers full-time, second and third shift NOC ops and back-up disaster recovery service to iDirect NOs and VNOs that operate their own networks."

iDirect's VSAT network solutions are being adopted worldwide with over 150 VSAT Hubs currently deployed. The iDirect Virtual Network Operator solution enables Network Operators to "partition" the network capacity of an iDirect Hub to multiple Virtual Network Operators.

This allows the individual VNOs to initiate satellite internet network services without assuming the risk, or the upfront investment of deploying a separate network.

"TSIs iNOC Managed Network Service gives VNOs another tool to quickly deploy services without investing in a NOC or having to hire technical support staff," said Browne.

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